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Daily Devotionals

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Scripture Reading — John 19:23-30

Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” — John 19:28

When was the last time you became really thirsty? Perhaps it was a hot day, or maybe you were doing a tough workout. Or maybe you were on the highway in a car for too long without a stop. We all know what it feels like to get really thirsty; and although it may seem a small thing, it can make us feel miserable.

John tells us that one of the last things Jesus said from the cross was “I am thirsty.” And we might wonder why John bothers to include this detail.

There’s power in this image of Jesus, who described himself as the “living water,” saying “I am thirsty.” It’s a physical proof of his suffering for our sake. Jesus thirsts in order to quench our thirst. He is dehydrated on the cross so that we may have living water.

In our world today, in which the main goal for most people is to seek an easier, more comfortable life, we must remember what Jesus was willing to go through. We don’t like to be thirsty. Or hungry. Or to experience pain of any kind. But following the way of the cross means giving sacrificially of ourselves. This means giving till it hurts—and more. It doesn’t mean ignoring our need for boundaries, but it may well mean giving of ourselves until we too become “thirsty,” as Jesus did.

Father, show me how to give of myself—even when it’s uncomfortable—so that others may have life in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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