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Pastor’s Corner

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Good morning my precious saint. We have the joy of looking into a new day with Jesus and just what He has in store for you.

So far as we have looked into the book of Proverbs we have been introduced to 5 different kinds of people: the wise, the wicked, the fool, the simple, and the mocker.

Today let’s look at the comparison between the godly & the wicked and the path to contentment.

Prov. 13:25 “The godly eat to their hearts’ content, but the belly of the wicked goes hungry.”

In this passage both types of people eat, but the person who is trusting and walking with God or proverbs calls godly, is content, comfortably filled. While those who are focused on themselves (wicked disregard for God) and selfishly thinking only of their own desires are never satisfied or content, always looking for more. (Never satisfied)

Our contentment rests in Our Father not in the stuff of the world (fine dining at $100 a plate) but rather in the knowledge that we are resting in His love.

Go with God and He will fill you with a refreshment that is restful, peaceful, and fulfilling regardless of the physical riches, or worldly achievements that you have.

Shirley McMahan


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