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Wednesday 10/5

Do you know why verbs are more high strung than nouns? Yes you were right it's because verbs are tense. Haha

Prov. 23:4,5 "Don't wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise

enough to know when to quit. In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings and fly like an eagle."

This proverb isn't condemning wealth, but warns against making it our only focus.

This describes two situations: one person who spends his entire life striving for riches but never comes to a place to be able to enjoy it (Eccl. 4:7,8);

The second person is someone who loses all their money and lives the rest of his life in despair (nothing to live for. (Eccl. 5:13-17)

The Bible tells us, that to spend our lives with solely pursuing wealth is a false value, or is in fact, putting our trust in what doesn't last.

We are encouraged not live life with balance, not to be lazy, but at the same time to not overwork, with an emphasis on the important things of life. Communing with God and passing on to all others within our influence this truth as vital to their lives.

In other words, to follow Solomons example, when given the choice of wealth or wisdom, chose wisdom. Upon this choice God gave him the ability using His wisdom to become wealthy.

So Go With God and He will enrich your life with the things that truely matter. As we learn the great value of walking with Our Heavenly Father He

then passes on wisdom; we then naturally gain in the things that really matter and may even experience the real form of wealth; satisfaction, afterwords.



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