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Well happy Monday everbody. In answer to the phrase "This too will pass" from the Bible we found that this is a phrase that may be found to be generally true in life, this exact phrase cannot be found in the Bible.

Which American brand had a slogan "the best a man can get"? Gillette; Old Spice; Colgate: Gatorade. Make your guess, Hint; This campaign began to be advertised at a Super Bowl.


Psalm 7:17 "I will thank the Lord because He is just; I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High."

David here lifts high the banner for justice, for in every situation the Lord works through a platform of justice in each and every circumstance. We notice that this same quality is lauded throughout our culture as a noble quality to be upheld. If you visit Washington D. C. this call for justice to be spoken of on buildings, statues, banners, signs, trains, and yes even on license plates. As a nation we enjoy a culture that prides itself in just dealings being upheld for even the poorest of individuals.

This next phrase "the name of the Lord Most High" is used many times in the Bible, we find it in Psalm 47:2; Psalm 78:35; Deuteronomy 32:8 and it occurs in 98 other scriptures. By the way it is found in this book a total of seven time (the number of completness). This affirms two concepts; God is authority over the nations; and secondly, that He is dedicated to this working of justice for all of the citizens of the earth, for all of the past, present, as well as, in the future.

Due to the fact that our nation has recognized this quality in our God and His oversight in all of the dealings of our land in such immensity, the thought of "great is our God" rings throughout the walls of the church, government, schools, and yes even homes. These two qualities have been the standards of our country which we derived from our Jewish heritage.

We can see that throughout all of the worlds mankind holds up freedom and justice as the ultimate qualities to be sought after. Isn't it amazing that these two qualities are not only the greatest desire of man, they are consistently offered by God to each of us, His children. Certainly, we can only but praise Him because of this quality which is offered to us freely from our Lord.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear ones, for He alone offers to you and me, His just dealings in all things. We can rest in His care and love for us.

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