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Well if you guessed That the most diverse animal on earth was a dog you were right. All you need to do to see this is to watch a dog show competition & you will be convinced of that. Just look at all the shapes, sizes, colors of dogs there are. Wow!

Wednesday 11/30

Prov. 25:24 “It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.”

Now this isn’t isolated to a contentious woman, it can also be a man. This proverb was written by a man so he spoke of a woman, however, if this had been written by a woman it would be directed to a man. So it can be applied either way.

Prov. 21:19 takes isolation even further, to living in a desert being preferable to living with a quarreling spouse.

This is really a warning to everyone that marriage for the sake marriage isn’t an automatic solution to loneliness. Only the Lord can bring a solution to this dilemma. No other human can bring a harmony to our life. When we separate ourselves from Our Father then we also tend to build barriers with mankind. I have noticed that people who don’t accept that there is a god have many times taken this position due to the fact that they feel God has failed them in some way.

This emphasizes the importance of the family and its vital instructions in how to live in harmony with others. Research has pointed out the importance for children who are the only children in a home, to have a need for large doses of interpersonal contact with other children in order to learn the skills of sharing, speaking, as well as, many other skills needed in cooperative living techniques.

We have all met people in our lives who just can’t get along with others. I have a friend in my life who had difficulty in this area, he has slowly cut almost every person in his life out. Fortunately for him he has found a job where he can provide for himself physically without the need for cooperative interaction. He lives in a trailer park, in a small town, in the desert, that is separated by many miles from any close friends, and he seems most happy in those circumstances.

Unfortunately, he is very gifted in most every way, but his skills are wasted due to this one weakness.

Solomon is attempting to pass along to us the necessity of learning the skill of give & take in life.

So Go With God for if we allow Him to take control of our lives, He will blend into our lives just the right mixture in order to bring harmony & purpose to our lives. The ability to give and take in our relationships. I have been blessed with many such people in my life, from my parents, and brother, sisters to my wife and family, and an ocean load of friends, etc.

Nov 30, 2022

I guessed right sbout the dog!



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