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Well happy Friday, By the way have you noticed the intensity surrounding people traversing to the store? Whether in the parking lot, on the road, even walking toward the store, its people on a mission. Gotta get that item, whether a last minute item, gift, stocking stuffer, etc. All I can say is be vigilant, stay alert, or you may get trounched.

In answer to yesterdays trivia, as to What Kleenex tissues were originally produced for. During World War 1 it was developed for gas masks, then in 1924 it was modified for cold cream remover, and now today... So there is the history of the modern day Kleenex.

Here's another factoid. How many teeth does your local mosquito brandish? Is it 35, 12, 0, 40. Make your guess and well find out the correct answer tomorrow.


Ecclesiastes 9:17 "Words of the wise, spoken quietly, should be heard - Rather than the shout of a ruler of fools."

Have you noticed this, in todays world? The louder a person detests, or proclaims something, the more useless and foolish the message is that is being spoken. When you hear speakers yelling with intensity it seems to usually be the case because what is being proclaimed in this way, is generally that the message being voiced is unreasonable in some form.

Here's another thought. Have you noticed that in much of todays more modern music styles that the need is for the use of overwhelming volume even to the point of distortion. Though there are a number of varieties of music today, rather than just head banging music, it seems that the one consistent pattern is it that it hast to be loud. Have you noticed this? Or is it my age?

Though I don't think that this is just my age, for I have never desired to be in places where music is focused on volume control, rather than the enjoyable use of various notes, instruments, cadences, words, etc.

Now let's make a 90 degree turn, to focus on Solomons message to us. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that a message, its intensity, or consistently being voiced by others, or even the number of people stating something, is confirming the primary value of the message.

Well then you ask, What is the test? I'm glad you ask. Well I have found that the one tower of truth is TIME. Time never lies, never covers up lies, never yells out its message attempting to take a dominate place in our thinking. The Bible speaks of the trustworthiness of time more than 300 times. This is why we have the Bible handed down to us from God. It is the oldest record that has stood the test of time.

Man's words may appear to be truth for a time, but then time points out its errors. For instance The Book of Mormon has required 3,913 alterations since 1830. These aren't just capitalizations, or punctuation type changes, but actual significant doctrinal changes. If we were to number the insignificant changes they would number 100,000 changes. This is just one of man's religious writings.

So Solomon is warning us that true wisdom stands the test of time, intensity, and message. Since the Bible has proven to be that wisdom, we should surely give our full attention to its message.

SO GO WITH GOD for his words never fail, change, or halt in importance. Hold onto its truth, though it is not yelling out its message, it non the less is worthy of our confidence. There are a whole lineup of generations of people from Adam to our present age, who speak to its worthiness.

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Lindsay Winterton
Dec 23, 2023

0, they dont need teeth to suck!



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