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What has12 legs, six eyes, three tails and can't see? Give up? Are you stumped yet? Well just in case you forgot. It is the three blind mice. Ha, ha. Bet you thought I was talking about a Octopus, huh?

By the way, Becky is reading, in her reading club, a book about an Octopus who is trying to determine how to guide people who he can't communicate to, in who the person is that committed a murder that he witnessed. By the way according to her study, that scientists have come to determine that they have an average IQ equivalent to humans. Who knew???

Oh, by the Way, Please continue to pray for John & Brenda and please add to your prayer list, Paula Seastadt as she has been fighting pneumonia this recent week . Thanks for you prayer support for these dear ones.

Friday 4/14

Prov. 29:27 "An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, And he who is upright in the way is an abomination to the wicked."

Just in case you couldn't figure out why you have been frustrated, angered, and even overwhelmed with people who refuse to recognize the existence of God, then attempt to make sense of life without Him, and then to make matters worse by attempting to guide & convince others of their lunacy. Well here is the reason for your consternation. Solomon here simply lays out our conundrum.

Simply put:

Wicked, unjust mankind are appalled by the seeming foolish, ignorance of the godly righteous person.


The righteous godly person is sickened, baffled, and totally overcome by the wicked godless person, who goes through life misunderstanding the very meaning of life. They are prone to pity their hopeless existence, and attempt to in some way reach out to them with the missing puzzle pieces that baffles these lost, hopeless souls. Sound familiar???

Solomon ends this chapter of thought with his observation of the conundrum that both groups of people are faced with. It seems that through this revelation he hopes to aide the godly in just what to focus on, in order to not become overcome by frustration. In order that the godly person can somehow remain compassionate toward these who are blinded by Satan's evil intent.

The next two chapters of Proverb are written by two varying voices.

Chapter 30 was written by Agur meaning "gatherer". One who gathered all of these wise conclusions & bound the together into one cohesive conclusion.

Chapter 31 was written by Lemuel who most scholars & archeologist feel "Lemuel" was Bathsheba's pet name for Solomon.

I have been praying for direction in what book to next study together, and so far, have felt Ecclesiastes was that next study, however, I am open to what you may want to go on to. So feel free, to over these next weeks to let me know the direction you would like to go.

So Go With God for He has laid out the wisdom needed for us to pass onto our world. Then as we allow Him to fill our hearts & minds with His insights we will naturally be filled with His truth in an otherwise foolish prone world. We must all look about us & ask the Father to guide us to who we should pass on His eternal truths onto in our lives.

Our prayer needs to be: "Oh dear Father, take us your servants who have tried to be filled with your eternal truths & then assist us to in a simple loving way to pass this precious gift to those in our various paths of life." Thank you Father, we are open to passing on your truths.

By the way, don't forget to pass on your interests of study.

brenda x


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