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Well I must admit this was a tough one. The stinkiest fruit award goes to the Durian fruit. I only knew of it because a number of students from Bible school were from Southeast Asia and the would receive these as a gift from family in their country. It has a taste like a rich custard, but when it becomes over ripe it smells like rotten onions or raw sewage. Even when it is not yet ripe it still has a bad odor. To enjoy this fruit you have to get past its smell. Way to go Jen you got this one right.

On the lighter side:

What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? Well they answered, I don't know and I don't care. Oh that was bad, sorry for ending the week with this one.


Psalm 7:11-13 "God is an honest judge. He is angry with the wicked every day. If a person does not repent, God will sharpen his sword; he will bend and string his bow. He will prepare his deadly weapons and shoot his flaming arrows."

In this fifth perspective David lays out just how consistent and constant God is towards those who continue to follow in their wicked ways of rebellion. First, He is honest, or just in His treatment of those who refuse to reach out for His grace and mercy. Secondly, He doesn't change his thoughts toward what is right and wrong. Third, if a person refuses to recognize and turn away from his evil ways, God will punish that person, not out of impatience, but in order to protect others who innocently follow in the wicked persons ways.

God acts in indignation against those individuals, or causes that are striving to bring harm to His people and children. He is loving to those who are listening and are open to His instruction, but due to His all knowing capabilities once a person refuses to be entreated, He is not afraid to lash out at them, in His full force.

This section should be found comforting for us His children, because when those who seek to bring harm to us, He isn't afraid to bring deadly force against them. The great comfort is that He knows just when the wicked are not redeemable, or can not be recovered from their wicked ways.

His justice is held in check until those who are unable to be reached, with His mercy, and when they prove that they are determined to bring destruction to His sanctified ones, then He will not falter in bringing destruction. His just dealings will never change, man's laws can slowly be altered, reworded, rewritten, and even be influenced, but God clearly and justly holds true to what He knows to be truth.

We many times our thoughts are quick to desire forgiveness, patience, mercy, but we need to also recognize the value of God reaching out in justice. In these verses God is figuratively stating His works in terms of earthly combat, as a way to clarify His works of justice among His creation.

Though Satan accuses and condemns us, Jesus our defense lawyer stands before God to remind God of His payment for our sin. For God is just, both in His forgiveness and in His justice. What a comfort it is to be reminded of our loving Father who always goes before us in mercy, grace and love, but also in justice and defense.

SO GO WITH GOD for He is ready to defend us in times of trouble and go before us when the evil forces of life are attempting to bring harm upon us. We can rest in His mercy and in His justice my dear ones.

Lindsay Winterton

Yea! I got it right. I worked ICU at loma linda hospital. It was an enclosed space. I worked with mostly asians, who eat some of the worst smelling foods known on planet earth, it didnt help i was pregnant at the time and had aweful all day sickness.



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