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Well howdy everyone, its Wednesday and only a few days till Christmas. With all of the stats in it was found that the sites for Barbie, Taylor Swift, and Matthew Perry barely compared to many others. For instance Wikipedia's encyclopedia had 84billion views world wide. While the most popular overall view was a close second to this was ChatGPT with 50 million views. Imagine that, the world's interest for artificial intelligence is greater than any popular individual. This a first in many years.


Ecclesiastes 9:13-15 "Here is another bit of wisdom that has impressed me as I have watched the way our world works. There was a small town with only a few people, and a great king came with his army and besieged it. A poor, wise man knew how to save the town, and so it was rescued. But afterword no one thought to thank him."

These verses that we have just read are the background for Solomons next three Maxims. or his opinion's on true wisdom. Notice he isn't focusing on the actual details of the victory, or the underlying situation, but rather setting up the most important lessons about wisdom. The story draws us in to come to a proper conclusion.

Just like our trivia about the number of Wikepedia's views we saw that there is greater interest in various information than in any particular person in the media. While the media tends to fixate on a pop person real living people are in search of deeper, more practical concerns.

This story placed greater attention on the value of wisdom, rather than on the person, who enlisted his wisdom for a way out of the local dilemma. Then in the end, the lesson is focused on the failure of those who are destined to experience defeat. Who then place adequate value on the person, or the concept that rendered the victory.

In fact not even the man who had applied his life to a long search for wisdom for it's practical insights and then enlisted his wisdom to bring victory gained any personal glory. Then worse yet, in verse sixteen, how he became despised in the fact that he wasn't proud (powerful or rich) or seeking personal value from their admiration, and approval.

Wow, what a story. Have you noticed that in life that many of the most important, influential people you come across are many times the most humble, quiet, unassuming people you have ever met?

I know this has for the most part has been most often true for my life. The quiet, unassuming, individuals in life have been the greatest influencers in my life. I found as we visited the places of our nations historical beginnings I found humble people who anchored their soul in God. They had no interest in being seen as great, powerful, popular, important, rather in being guided to lift up God and His eternal truths.

I remember the many times that how after accomplishing wading through difficulty in life, dad would draw me back to the thing that gave him surety. "You know son we are doing this for His glory".

I particularly remember the weeks after school and his work going to the house on Byers, finding the leaks in the pipes that for months of winter freezes had broken, starting in the basement. I remember walking to the front of the house to the water shut off, turning on and then finding a leak, and then shutting the water off. Then we would cut off the broken pipe, and then measuring the length, threading, and installing the new pipe. With what seemed like months driving and starting the next few feet of pipe that had leaks, until we had no leaks.

Those words dad said as we drove home tired and seeming to have little success. those words still ring clear in my mind, and heart, "You know son, we are doing this for His glory." So all I can say is don't get off the path my dear friend, stay honed in on His truth regardless of others honor or dishonor. Remember, His truth will win out!!!

SO GO WITH GOD for His desires for us is that we may experience the victory anchored in truth, For the truth will set us free. Draw near, dig deep, listen well, these qualities will stand us strong in His might.

Steve Green made this a powerful lesson true in his life, he sings the song with great power, if you have time listen to this song You Tube: Find us faithful-Steve Green (with lyrics)

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