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Good morning my dear one it’s a new day to strive to bring honor to our Heavenly Father. Amazingly He joys in our attempts at living complete in Him.

Todays meditation is on Prov. 14:9 “Fools make fun of guilt, but the godly acknowledge it and seek reconciliation.”

What a comparison — the ungodly feel no distress, no guilt for the evil and the harm that their intentionally evil conduct brings on others.

While at the same time those who desire to walk rightly before God recognize the harm their actions bring upon themselves and those that they care for and so they seek to be reconciled to God and others.

A cartoon shows a car balancing on the side of a cliff and the embarrassed husband saying to his wife “There’s got to be a

lesson here somewhere.”

Well that man though making a serious mistake has shown wisdom in recognizing his failure and attempting to make it right.

The sad thing about the foolish, ungodly person is that due to his failure to recognize his evil, is doomed to continue to suffer the consequence of it (harm, disfavor of God and others).

On the other hand the wise person gains favor with God and others though he may sin and do wrong.

Its easy to recognize a persons character by what he laughs at. Does God laugh at sin & intentional evil activity? Then we should also see our actions through the eyes of God, and turn to correcting them.

So Go With God my saint and recognize evil for evil wether it is an action our world has become comfortable with.

Shirley McMahan
Shirley McMahan
Shirley McMahan
Mar 08, 2022

We see the fool making foolish decisions every time he opens his mouth, unfortunately he sits as the leader of our country. His foolish talk brings harm to the people of this country. May he recognize his guilt and turn from his wicked ways before it's too late🙏 that's my prayer.



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