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Well, good morning everyone! It was so great to have John with us Sunday, his presence is so much an answer to our prayers. God bless John.

Well if you guessed ZZ Top being the band that has had the least change in their lineup of their band, you were correct. They have been creating hits for 50 years, this trio has been producing memorable music all of these years for their audience. I must say that these other bands have produced music I enjoy more, but to their audience they have brought enjoyment.

For a change of thought; Which state has been the toothpick capital of the world for several decades? Is it Maine; New Hampshire; Connecticut; or Texas. Make a guess.

Monday 9/11

Eccl. 4:11 "Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone."

This example of people lying together in order to keep warm, isn't intended to have any sexual meaning, but rather to demonstrate the benefits that come from companionship or working together. The basic lesson we gain from this verse, is that those people who work in unison with others, are more effective than they can ever possibly be alone.

Ministering together with others can offer assistance, comfort, and defense.

Now true if we wanted to question the validity of this comment, we could question this argument, by mentioning the annoyance caused by the partner who has cold feet, or who hogs the covers, or the person controling the heat that can be rendered by the electric balnket. But for sure there is pleasure & benefit that can be gained from friendship & socializing that is lost by the person who lives in isolation.

Just think about this for a minute. Jesus told us in John 15:4,5,9 this eternal truth "Abide in me, and I in you." We are other wise He desires us to dwell in Him as a branch that dwells in a vine. In other words we should connect ourselves in this life sustaining connection. For, the vine gives the branch all that it needs to live, bear fruit, and prosper. Of course the way we abide in Him is to read His words, to as it were to slow down, let its truth sink into your heart & mind. In John 1:39 Jesus invited us to "come and see". In other words slow down and absorb His story to you.

So Go With God for with Him in your life, you are never alone. His presence in your life will give meaning & solace to you. Draw close to those people in your life & you will never be without the warm feeling of sharing.

brenda x
Sep 11, 2023

Since the Pandemic lockdowns, many of us have found ourselves with a decreased social circle. Great and timely post. Thanks Pastor Ben.



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