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Here's a tough one, What are people born in the 50's called? Generation X, Millenials, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers? Make a guess.


Ecclesiastes 10:20 "Do not curse the king, even in your thought:Do not curse the rich, even in your bedroom; For a bird of the air may carry your voice, And a bird in flight may tell the matter."

Today the writer is warning against cursing the king regardless of his incompetence. This next phrase about the bird is similar to the modern phrase "the walls have ears", or the saying "a little bird told me", for word will for sure get back to him.

At this point in Solomon's writings he is attempting to share some good moral principles and practical truths. Have you ever noticed that criticism always as the saying goes, "have a way of sprouting wings".

When criticism is spoken, then these words have a way of bringing harm to the giver and the hearer.

This next chapter is speaking to several practical thoughts of how diligence brings value to our lives. It appears that he is attempting to guide the reader (you and me) away from his failures, towards the ways of success and benefit.

Unfortunately, our culture today is more focused on feeling good and looking good, rather than on doing good and living out good principles.

In these next few verses we will see the many values of living with our future in proper focus. In my many years I have made many mistakes of which I have attempted to correct, but I have found that the greatest way to bring correction and renewal is to change course in that wrong motion. Then focus my mind and heart on the truths of scripture.

I know that we could all probably fill a notebook of wrong words and actions that we have administered, right? But fortunately we have the rest of today and tommorow, and hopefully more time to bring right actions back into proper focus.

As a young boy I was given the challenge of driving the tractor in a strait course across the field. At the beginning of the planting process we would turn under leaves, grass, manure from the barn yard, and from any farmers around us.

We would begin turning the soil as the air began to warm and the rains would then aerate the soil. This process of disking, plowing turning the soil was also benificial for an inexperienced planter. I learned the many benefits of keeping my eyes straight into the distance. I learned to pick out a tree, mound, etc. in the foreground to guide my path in order to make straight furrows for planting in the future days of spring.

This verse is attempting to lead us in this same process, enriching our lives with profitable efforts, words, and works. One of our challenges in life is to speak kindness, love, and truth. One of the presidential candidates in this years political scene took this as his slogan, "Truth" I noticed though apposing writers tried to bring questions undermining his goals, he was able to avidly, with great accuracy on just how important was his desire for bringing the truth to his campaign.

SO GO WITH GOD my friend, for He will bring proper guidance to your life and efforts. In a world where many things are in turmoil and are seemingly rampant all around. As the saying goes, "Stay the course". Then He will help you keep focused on enduring truth. Then your life will be filled with His blessing.

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