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Can you believe it’s Friday already? Wowser

So, Do you know what another name for cow is? Yes, that’s right a lawn-mooer.

Todays meditation is found in Prov. 20:17 “Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel.”

This lesson isn’t just contained with only bread, but in fact anything, bread, money, fame, etc.

Anything that is taken possession of by deceit or theft will ultimately bring distaste and irritation to your life.

As a child I remember going through choir members purses while they sang, in order to find a tasty piece of gum. The sweet taste that I enjoyed for awhile, and then how it lost its flavor. Then how I felt guilty for taking something not freely given to me.

I had to quick, hide it before it was found out. First, the paper wrapper, then the sticky gum. The solution was to wad the wrapper up, then chew it & sometimes even swallow it but at least hide it in the pew corner. Then there was the tasteless gum, sometimes deposit it under the pew, or in a hole in the flooring, or yes, even swallow it one small piece at a time.

Well so much for my evil attempt at obtaining something that was not mine. This was a childlike attempt for temporary enjoyment of something not mine.

After that action, then was the guilt. One of the teen choir members caught onto my actions, then without exposing my evil ways, began to offer a piece of gum to me as she walked up to the choir bench.

That’s when I learned the full enjoyment of guiltless gain. No more necessity to sneak through purses, or hiding the result, or guilt when my parents found me chewing gum, etc.

The same thing is true with obtaining anything by just good old fashioned work. Then as a teen I began to do the same thing to younger kids at church. Offer them gum or candy from my honest efforts.

Solomon is reminding us of

just how it feels to work in order to gain and then the rich fulfillment that comes from offering that same gift to others in our life.

So Go With God and enjoy the privilege of passing onto others His blessings. Help them get under the flow of our Father’s loving sweetness in their lives.



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