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For all of you out there who are natural food enthusiasts here's an interesting question. Where did Kiwi's originate from? Is the Kiwi fruit from. New Zealand; Australia; China; United States well tune in next time for the answer.

Tuesday 6/20

Prov. 31: 23 "Her husband is well known in the city gates, where he sits with other civic leaders."

Now in order to fully understand the intent of this verse we must first remember that the primary thought of this last chapter is focusing on the virtuous woman & how her ways will impact her life & her families life. So though this verse is directing our thoughts to the place of influence that her husband has in his community. This isn't solely focused on his abilities, but rather on her supportive role in his life. Due to her role in his families life she has set the stage for this mutual respect among the people of his area.

In other words her commitment to honor & support her husband has resulted in those within the city recognizing his households unanimity and therefore they were desirous for this same influence in the city. If his wife had not been virtuous in her ways, he probably would not have been available or recognized for this role of importance that he was offered.

The unity & cooperation of a married couple is a vital link to effective leadership. I know that without Becky's efforts within my family I would have never been able to continue on in the many ministry endeavors that we have shared over the years.

It was a great challenge to her as my life ministry has been a very public ministry. Our home has been an axis to reaching people in many varying age groups and even cultures. This was something that I was raised up with in my early life. My parents were involved in starting up several churches in our home, as well as, having multitudes of missionaries spend a great deal of time in our home when they were here in the states on furlough.

While Becky's home had been more private, with some involvement with family, but not the extent that I had experienced. She was raised mostly by herself because her brother & sister were out of the home while she was elementary school age.

But to her valor & stamina she hung in through the crazy life of a youth pastor, with an unlimited number of teens invading our home several times a week. I visited schools weekly on their lunch times during school, then on Wednesday we began picking up teens for youth group about 6 o'clock then taking them home usually finally returning home about 9:30-10. Then our Saturday was taken up with an early prayer & bible study, then junior church planning with a number of teens involved.

So until after lunch our home was filled with teens. Then a number of teens made our home a hand out place, for free food & fun. She was a trooper all of those years. Then we had kids & well you know how that is, with their friends, etc.

So, Go With God He will guide you into a life of joy & fulfillment. He has amazing opportunities to fill your life with. Places of blessings & influence, jut like the virtuous woman's husband experienced. Play close attention, listen to the Spirit's leading, He will guide you in ways that you had no idea of the possibilities. Live life with purpose & be open to how He will put you into contact with others, my dear ones.



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