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Well after much thought Who was the disciple known to be the one who Jesus love? Yes you guessed right, It was John.

So, since your doing so well can you guess, Why the chick disappointed his mother? Yes, that's right, He wasn't what he was cracked up to be.

Wednesday 6/7

Prov. 31:11 "Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life."

As we notice verses 10-12 describes the various fine qualities of the virtuous woman's marriage. Yesterday, described her marriage as precious (beyond any earthly value). Today we see her marriage described as worthy of greatest honor. One which enriched both her & her husbands lives.

Her impeccable loyalty to her marriage resulted in his absolute desire to grant her total freedom in her endeavors. Rather than being concerned for his wives expenditures, she is so skilled in her endeavors that he grants her full confidences.

Her husband is fully trusting in her to the point that the cooperation in their relationship is beyond any human limits. This co-union of purpose is so clearly demonstrated by their joint efforts, that it clearly demonstrates true wisdom in action.

This marriage truly lives out the saying so commonly spoken out today, "Better together". Their dedication to their lives, brings about a richness & sweetness to their home & family, incomparable to the many bonds of marriage around them. They both find such preciousness in their bond, that they collectively lend a protection to its well being.

So Go With God my dear ones, for He will bring such a union that is in comparable in your lives.

All about us we see others attempting to find that perfect bond, and yet most people fail to recognize the necessities for that good & healthy relationship. "Generous selflessness." The ultimate gift. Giving ourselves to God which results in our anxious desire to surrender our selves to each other. What beautiful richness ensues.

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