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Well; Happy Monday, a brand new week, wow, new endeavors, new visions, new purpose, all new. Hope your looking forward to the wonders of this week.

Well, you all were right, there is one state that began with a D; Delaware. It was named after the Delaware Bay next to the state. I was thinking that more states began with a D but I was wrong. I'm glad you all were accurate.

Monday 4/17

Prov. 30:2 "Surely I am more stupid (brutish) than any man, And do not have the understanding of a man."

Agur has begun his writings with this confession of ignorance, along with inserting to the wisdom of God's truth contained in His Word. We will notice that Agur is not found any other place in the Bible, only in other historical records.

Many times throughout the Bible there are words emphasizing the level of wisdom that should a person reach into it in an intense approach may be found there.

The first phrase of this verse he declares his total ignorance of God's rich resource of wisdom, and then in the second phrase he confirms for us the fact that not only does he not have God's level of knowledge, but he also is limited in his understanding (aptitude) of the ways of God.

He confesses that he doesn't even have exceptional wisdom from the human perspective. In other words, don't think that any of these words of wisdom come from my own knowledge or understanding.

Agur is setting the stage for us as to where this wisdom is coming from. He is making sure that there is no self glory in his thinking.

He is infusing for us the importance of recognizing our own lack of human wisdom, and the necessity of open recognition of our own personal needs, Then by allowing His thoughts to be poured into our lives His reasoning can begin to gain some level of wisdom. We of our own capability, can't be wise, only as we surrender our inability to fully comprehend His ways, can we begin to experience His truth in our lives.

As we fully understand our inability, then we can begin to gain some sort of insight on His level.

Have you ever thought after saying something, find in your own mind saying, "I can't believe I said that, Why did I say that?" If you have; then there is hope for you to begin to gain entrance into God's level of truth.

I remember one such a time, when I was walking down the hallway with my high school coach, who also attended my church. His sons were walking with us, and in that moment of uncomfortable silence, I blurted out to his boys, I hope you don't grow up short like me & your dad. I no sooner had said that dumb remark than, I felt the need to apologize to my coach. He graciously agreed that it was an ignorant statement, and then quickly forgave me.

That comment became quickly entered into the Hall of fame of an "Open mouth & insert foot comment.

I think this verse is kind of an affirmation of this kind of thought that Agur was confirming. Once we begin to recognize our natural inadequacies, then our Heavenly Father can begin to infuse His wisdom into our heart & mind.

So Go With God for once we halt thinking we are intelligent, and wise, then He can begin the refilling process. George Takei, said this truth maxim. "The only thing worse than human ignorance is human pride of that ignorance."

You say who was Mr. Takei? He was born in Japan and immigrated with his parents who in turn were placed in an internment camp during World War 2. This experience had a positive influence on his life. It was here that he came to understand that the actions of others can impact how we are seen.

You may be asking, where do I know him from? He became an actor in the Star Trek as Mr. Sulu, the Enterprises fictional helmsmen. Now you recognize where you know him from.

As we recognize our limitations, then we begin to comprehend the extent of our need for God's wisdom in our life, and recognize just how rich is His influence on us.

brenda x


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