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Hey, happy Monday, glad we can be back together, We had a great vacation & rest??? We were reminded of just how beautiful the mountains of Mo. & Ark. are. How amazing, and the special bond we share with our immediate family. How refreshing this time was to us, we will not soon forget.

By the way which animal do you think has the longest life span? The Rougheye Rockfish, or the Seychelles Giant Tortoise, maybe the Laysan Albatross, or is it the Greenland Shark??? Make a guess & I'll get back to you tomorrow which one it is.

Monday 5/15

Prov. 30:21 "There are three things that make the earth tremble- no four it cannot endure: "

This morning, lets focus ourselves on the primary thought of this second set of proverbs. Wisdom begins with first focusing our thoughts and the impact that we bring to others and in turn the whole culture of our world.

Sometimes we tend to focus our attention on our behaviors & others immediate responses. When in reality the extent that we can reach; and can have in fact on our entire sphere of influence, and ultimately, in turn our culture. The writer is attempting to open our eyes to the potential impact we may have on our entire world. It is so easy to focus only on those immediately around us, when in reality much more is at stake.

As Becky & I were surrounded by family & friends in Missouri we were reminded of just how in time our contact with others, as well as, our conduct spreads it influence out to our world.

One of the things we viewed was a series of dams in the Branson area that protects, wildlife, and many homes from flooding & the destruction that can be experienced by water not being controlled. The effort of the many people who built that system many years ago still brings control & order to what could easily bring destruction, rather than benefit.

In the same way our personal conduct, can bring rest, rather than unrest to those we love & intentionally or even unintentionally, have influence on. Wisdom alerts us to the extent of our daily efforts, and just how we may influence our world.

So look up, even as we were last week, enjoying the beautiful panorama all around us of the Ozark mountains. In the same way the influences of the mountainside we enjoyed, in the same way, we individually are impacting our world.

So Go With God for in the same way that the workers brought benefit to others throughout the Ozarks, by the collective construction of a series of dams brought control & constructive order to that part of the world. So also, our conduct connected with our Father, brings benefit & blessing for the ages to come. Just think your actions have the potential to bring blessing for all of the ages to come. Not just those immediately around you but those to come, with His power for eternity.

brenda x


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