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Happy Friday to you all, and continue to pray for Brenda as she recovers from gall bladder surgery, for Mary & James as they recover and John & Paula as they recover from their long term illness. Also please pray for our VBS endeavor this next Monday - Friday that many boys & girls come to know Jesus.

Well, Jen cheated (gave into temptation) ha! With our brain teaser as to which condiment was once used in the medical field. Yes, it was Ketchup. It was prescribed for diarrhea, indigestion, and even jaundice in the 1800s. Later it became a delicious addition to many food items, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. Who knew???

Here's a brain teaser, What things did we use before our digital tools to navigate our travels? What are some things you have used? Make a guess.

Friday 7/21

Eccl. 2:5 "I made gardens and parks, filling them with all kinds of fruit trees."

Solomon took great interest in the natural world around him and then past on this knowledge to many other people and as a result today Israel is the primary producer of produce & meat in the Eastern world. This is one of the reasons for Israel's dominance today in spite of the hatred of the Islamic people towards them.

Look at 1 Kings 4:3 "He could speak with authority about all kinds of plants, from the great cedars of Lebanon to the tiny hyssop that grows from cracks in the wall. He could also speak about animals, birds, small creatures, and fish. When people today say "What good is there to following God?" Here is your answer. He (God) gives practical wisdom to those who honor & follow Him. Solomon and Israel are perfect examples and yes even our founding fathers rested in God for wisdom in the establishing of our nation..

Our survival in this US was primarily due to our prowess in raising edible crops and growing & harvesting animals. Chickens for eggs, pigs for pork, cows for milk & beef, etc.

Solomon set this example for the nations, in massive fruit & other food production. He taught the miracle of irrigation in arid lands, as well as, the use of trees on mountainsides to slow down evaporative clouds resulting in the clouds cooling & then dropping their water. on nearby lands producing fertile lands. We will learn more of that tomorrow.

As he studied the various challenges the nation of Israel faced in his time, he then asked God for wisdom to provide for his nation. Then God guided him with answers, one attempt to follow God resulted in a solution, which led to a new challenge which led to a new solution. This is the very way that our Heavenly Father desires to work in our lives.

Looking to Him for wisdom to guide us in a present challenge and through working through that challenge He guides us through solutions in the next struggle we face. He holds the answers for all of our questions, all we need to do is ask Him.

My grandfather is living proof of that in his life, as a 3rd grade boy too set out to find wood, bone, and metal, glass, to aide his father in his gunsmithing production. He learned to use a small wagon to transport various supplies to his dad to be developed into his gun production.

From scraps of metal, tin cans, bone fragments, copper, brass, etc. for his fathers business. This lead him into gathering various salvage items, which most people would pay him to discard, which resulted in him piling, sorting, organizing these scraps, before hardware stores, spare bolts, nuts, screws, washers, wire, cable, etc. etc. all of these he organized and began his business as an adult. Fabricators would seek these needs to be met at my grandfathers salvage yard.

Grandad then began to buy junk cars, dismantle and store for parts on cars still operable. Then any parts not usable he would sell to the iron works yard where they would smelt & form new items. This imagrant German speaking child with an 3rd grade education, became a respected business man. He delved into mining, real estate, farming, raising cattle, etc. You name it he tried his hand at it.

However, he always told his friends & family his controlling partner was Almighty God, and if you spent more that 15 minutes around him he told you of his God and His great works in his life. Example: At the harvest time of watermelons he would buy a trailer full, then place them on the ground and give one to each customer who came into his business. Because they would sun ripen on the ground they would gain in sweetness and became the envy of local produce stores.

So Go With God for he will carry you through. Take time to meditate on this song on you tube; "He will carry you" wtsjlct the Mana'o Company

brenda x


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