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What is the "com" in a website addresses short for? Communications, Common, Commercial, Comfort? Make a guess, and we'll clarify tomorrow.


Ecclesiastes 11:6 "Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you don't know if profit will come from one activity or another-or maybe both."

When I was driving back and forth from the farm, to various plots of land he was farming, and herds of cattle he was caring for, Uncle Leonard would talk about these things to me as a teen. He would emphasize the concept of diversifying his efforts, whether we were plowing, planting, clearing land, repairing fences, or just checking on his various herds of cattle making sure they were being properly fed, getting water, gaining access to grass, hay, shelter, etc.

In the same way the author of this book is encouraging these same principles, to attempt various types of endeavores in order to ultimately find the best form of success. While I was working with dad at Joplin Supply he would pass onto me this same trait. He would work through breaks, and many times cut short his lunch time, and then close up the warehouse after hours and then check on stock, ordered, needed, etc. then prepare for the next days plans.He many times would tell me of the importance of preparing for the customers needs for coming days. He knew these future plans by talking to the builders, suppliers, etc. in away that he appeared to be interested in their efforts, but was actually planning for the orders that would be needed by the company to provide supplies for their plans.

I also during my college days worked for a co-op of ten family farms, to keep their harvested crops fresh for sale when the demand led to the best price for their sales. They were achieving this same principle, diversify, and when the market displays the best time for sale, then bring their crops to the sale ground.

In the same way, we should live out our life in order that we might pass on God's love and purpose for others in their lives. Though they may appear to be uninterested in God's workings in their life, they may face something that results in them recognizing His hand and concerns for their life. Then they are able to go back to those words you shared with them in the past, of God's love for them and His desire to love and care for them.

SO GO WITH GOD for what may seem like a side light, or maybe even a failure which later might result in drawing others to Him. As we center ourselves on Him and others in our life, and just how we might connect these two people and events together we will become His handiwork in others lives.

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