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Good morning this Tuesday I am so glad that you are joining me today.

So, Why could no one recognize the sheep? Right, He had a goatee. Oh that was a hairy ordeal. Ha ha

Our meditation for today is a heavy one, it is found in Prov. 20:20 “Whoever curses his father or his mother, His lamp will be put out in deep darkness.”

This proverb is directing our thoughts to the breaking of the 5th commandment.

As we can see God doesn’t take that commandment lightly. In fact it is upheld in Ex. 21:17; Lev. 20:9; Prov. 30:11; Matt. 5:14.

Though there has to this date been no capital punishment carried out for this offense. I imagine due primarily to the practical approach to the varied degrees of judicial treatment.

The child was taken before the Levitical tribe and questioned, and then before the priest as well as Levites. Next the child was

brought before the local community where the child was encircled by the people.

The priest would finally question the child before the present congregation whether they were determined to break God’s law in this way? The people were to have stones in hand to carry out Gods law immediately should the child insis on his rebellion.

This process was very convincing as to the severity of the child’s offense. In fact so convincing that the historical records show that though there seemed to be some children who were brought to the final level, no child upheld their offense. In other words, all children when faced with this severity, surrendered to their wrong doing and we’re repentant to this offense of parents & more importantly God.

I’m sure that this final step before the community priestly proclamation of eternal separation from God was quite convincing.

This last phrase “His lamp will be put out in deep darkness” is referring to eternal damnation. Not just death, but separation from God eternally.

This was treated as severally as those who rebelled against Moses’

Leadership in the wilderness and we’re swallowed up into the ground, adults, children and all livestock.

This dealing confirms God’s allegiance to the home & His leaders who He placed responsible for their home. (Parents)

In a world of governmental leaders who are attempting to overthrow the home, we are reminded of just how our Father looks at this action.

As believers we are reminded of God’s view of all these things, and the call to prayer and instruction that we have been given as parents & family members.

So Go With God for He has instructed us in not just how we should respond to our parents. (Honor to our parents, even should they be dishonorable). For the honor we extend is most importantly to our God. Love & blessings to you all.


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