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Well just in case you guessed that Arithmonania is a strong compulsion to count, such as counting their actions, or various objects around them, then you were right. I want you to know that regardless of your station in life you truly do count, you matter to each of us that surround you. Please never forget that we place great value on the privilege that we enjoy by just being a part of your life.

By the way; Do you know how to make a walnut laugh? Well here goes; By cracking it up. Wow, who knew. As a young boy during Christmas season is was a real crack up. I would break up hundreds of walnuts to prepare for my mom in the making many loaves of walnut, raisin, cinnamon bread.

We would then wrap them up and carry them to neighbors & sing carols to them. The important lesson I learned was, no matter how wealthy or limited that these neighbors were, they all were brought joy by our caring for them.

We had several older ladies in our neighborhood who each year I would at the same time give them a gift certificate to do one helpful task at their house. I must say that this exercise brought so much blessing to me; from the Lord and from these special ladies. I never walked away from their house having redeemed their certificate without the feeling of joy in my heart.

This was such a special gift to me that I began first by adding an Easter certificate, then 4th of July, then first snow. What a special gift this brought to my life. Nothing like it.

Tuesday 12/3

Prov. 26:25 “When he speaks kindly, do not believe him, For there are seven abomination in his heart.”

This morning let’s focus on the actions that God sees as an abomination, this is act that is the greatest offense to God. You might say, just what does this abomination entail? Well in order to understand this we must first look at the varied times that they are mentioned. The Bible talks about this evil in 74 varied places, all of which involve the corrupting of the things which God has gifted to us.

Gen. 43 to disdain the work of another (blue collar work, over white collar, etc.)

Exo. 8 refusal of personal freedoms Lev. 18 immoral sexual relations

Deut. 17 offense of any sacrificial order to God

Deut. 18 any spiritism practices, idol worship, etc.

Deut. 22 offense of Gods guidance to recognize roles, appearances of male & female

Prov. 6 pride, liar, murderer, cheaters, cause conflict, dishonor parents, disobey Gods laws

As you can see these things which our culture today can so easily have a blur of the lines which God has set out in very clear view. Our role is to uphold all of our Fathers principles in our lives. To love Him with all of heart, and then to love all of mankind, as we desire to be loved. Not with hypocrisy. Kindness with a genuine compassion for each person that we find ourselves surrounded with.

So Go With God for His greatest desire for us is to be in sweet fellowship with Him and then to be in fellowship with all of those that we have the privilege of being surrounded with.



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