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Well what do you think has been the best selling toy in US history? Barby Doll; Legos; Play Dough; Tanka Truck? Make a guess & I'll let you know tommorow.

Thursday 6/29

Prov. 31:31 "Reward her for all she has done, Let her deeds publicly declare her praise."

This book certainly set lofty goals for the virtuous woman and for us as well, but we have learned that should we hide ourselves in Jesus, He will see us through. So virtue is our goal & His grace is our delight.

Wisdom is inviting those who have become learners to her place of celebration. For as we strive to become this person of strength in Him our Savior & Lord He will cause us to become a person of valor. Oh how loving and strong are the hands & feet of our aiding Heavenly Father.

So we have learned that charm & beauty are not necessarily bad, in fact they can be used in good ways, as we lean upon our respect & honor towards our Lord. His greatest desire is not honor, but rather for us to assist others in seeing His honorable ways in our life in order that they will see His love for them as we have learned to see His love for us.

Satan the evil destroyer strives to turn our world against God & His love, by blaming Him for all the evil consequences that following in Satan's evil ways brings. He began in the garden by promising something (wisdom) that he knew nothing about, nor could he provide. He promised that by eating his fruit they could gain all wisdom, in order to entice them into disobeying a loving God who in fact is the very source of wisdom. When once's they ate of this fruit they would as the consequence be cut off from the Father's love & wisdom.

The very thing that they desired was something that they were already gaining by walking & talking with our Father. This disobedience resulted in their need for a covering for their disobedience. For in man's fallen state their natural thought was that this cleansing could only be gained through their own efforts.

Sacrifices, obedience to the commands, when in fact He desired to provide this cleansing through His death.

Now since this cleansing is available through simple faith in He the provider, but still most men are fooled into thinking that they must gain it through their own efforts. When all the time just as in the garden our Savior has already been made ours, and by our faith in Him, we again by walking & living in His ways can experience His cleansing & wisdom for life.

Just as the wilderness wanderers once bitten by the serpent had to but look upon ultimate serpent for who he was, the evil trickster, then they could be healed. The healing was done through our loving Father once we looked upon Him as the only way to life. As the Hebrew people recognized that it was He (Abbah Father) who provides ultimate & complete cleansing through His Son, that they again began walking with Him through life.

The same is true for all of us, as we walk in His ways he provides complete cleansing for our sins. As we honor & commune with Him through the Spirit's in dwelling will we experience the fellowship of joy. Even as I walked into surrender that day that I confessed my sin & need for His salvation He began to fill my life with joy.

Since that day He continues to bring real joy, wonderful joy into my life. We enjoy His presence throughout our life to the extent that we recognize its full extent. He has brought into my life a virtuous woman each day of my life since I came to know her. She has been living out the deeds of virtue & grace to be enjoyed for my life. I couldn't imagine living without her gracious, loving, faithful partnership in life.

So Go With God for His ways of love & communion are meant to be ours. We are never alone without Him. He has cleansed us for all of eternity, and daily He brings circumstances & people to remind us of the extent of His love for us.

Several times He brought Rick Brooks as my ministry mentor into my life at the times that I needed to be reminded of God's love for me & His presence in the two most overwhelming circumstances in my lifetime. I am forever indebted for Rick's presence at those times. He still stands in ministry some 80's ? years of age still mentoring servants of Christ. Sending out Drs. & nurses to bring care physically & spiritually for hands of care throughout the world.

May we also be our Father's hands & feet to express the extent of God's love for mankind. All of those people in our lives who need to be told of His love, wonder, and power for their lives. As the song says our prayer, "Make Me (Us) A Channel of Blessing".

brenda x
Jun 29, 2023

I think the best toy or top seller is barbie? My brother was a tonka truck fan. I ate play dough at school, till i got caught. Still, i think barbie has been the most successful toy sold.



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