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Can you guess how much water can a camel drink at one time? 10 gallons; 1 gallon; 70 gallons; 30 gallons. Needless to say, they can drink a lot, it is no wonder that they are the predominant mode of transportation across arid lands. Why not, make a guess?

On the lighter side:

I was wondering why the baseball kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and then it hit me. O, Oh, Ouch, What a rude reality.


Psalm 7:1,2 "O Lord my God, in You I put my trust; Save me from all those who persecute me; And deliver me, Lest they tear me like a lion, Rending me in pieces, while there is none to deliver."

My friend I don't know if you have noticed this, but there are two dominant themes throughout the Book of Psalms: 1) God is good, 2) Life is difficult. This comparison is often wise to keep in mind as we read through this book.

Throughout the book sometimes the writer indicates his guilt and that his suffering is deserved, and then within its words he confesses his sin. While in other places he communicates that his suffering is undeserved and therefore he feels that he has been deserted undeservedly, so he strives to reach out for assistance, to his heavenly Father.

Now as for this chapter, their are several movements where the writer begins in this initial focus 1) to appeal for deliverance. He begins by affirming that he has placed his trust in God, then he requests deliverance from the enemy who persecutes him, who is just outside the door. Then in verse two he describes just how he is feeling, hunted, weak, alone, defenseless unless his Father intervenes and delivers him, he is toasted.

The reminder here for us is that we just as the Psalmist are defenseless without drawing to God our Daddy, (Abba) yes, we are an open target for defeat. Our enemy the devil is constantly on the prowl, he is attempting to intimidate, and forcing us to feel abandoned, and alone. He uses others in our lives to bring persecution our way. He joys in bringing fear, and harm into our lives, in order to cause us to be dominated by despair, and walk away from His faithful provision.

I remember a time when the great gas shortage amid the 70's when I traveled with two ten gallon cans mounted on the roof of my V.W. due to the every other day access to gas. I remember pouring the last bit of gas into the car and calling on God for a miracle to get me home. It was 2 o'clock, the car was on fumes I was tired and had no more money, or gas. I had already slept in the car the night before this, and I felt abandoned. I called out to God for Him to miraculously intervene.

As I coasted on fumes, into a nearby church parking lot to again sleep away a cold night slumped into this small car, I then heard a tap on the window of the car. I thought, Oh great, their going to kick me out of the parking lot too. An elderly man with compassion in his eyes said "How can I help?" I felt that he truly wanted to assist me. I opened the door and he sat down in the front seat.

As we talked, he told me that he was a missionary speaker who was holding a missions conference in that church and was walking his dog who was in need of exercise. He graciously invited me into his motor home. His wife had baked a cherry pie and they were anxious to share it with me and I was anxious to finish out my night with a slice of warm pie.

We talked about ministry, and then they invited me to sleep in their cab over bed, where I could stretch out and bask in the warm air. They had never slept in that bed because if was too high to climb up, they were so happy to share it with me. We spoke of the goodness of God in our lives and then stopped to thank Him for His faithfulness, they at the end of their ministry life and me at the beginning of service to Him.

SO GO WITH GOD just as we shared that night that He is worthy of our faith, and surrender. Just as the Psalmist stopped himself from being overwhelmed with his concerns. "O Lord my God in You I put my trust". You and I can rest in His many provisions. For never forget my dear one, He is our Daddy and He joys in our resting in Him.

Lindsay Winterton
Apr 23




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