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What was the first cereal mascot? Was it Cap'n Crunch; Snap, Crackle, and Pop; Sunny Jim; or Tony The Tiger? More next week.

On the lighter side:What is a cow's dream job? Yep, You got it; To be a Moo-ver. Moooove over Uhaul.

Saturday 8/26

Eccl. 3:13 "And people should eat drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God."

Solomon has fallen onto the one thing that many people today have fallen away from. "The pride of accomplishment" I think that is one failure that we who live today have failed to enjoy. The result that our efforts have brought to our world. The milkman, the grocery worker, etc.

Many folks have stopped taking pride in what their career brings to their world. This results in others not experiencing the greatest joy from their enjoyment in fulfilling a task.

Last night Becky & I went to a dueling piano concert where four young men played many songs of our past from Billy Joel & Elton John. In many of the songs they would play two piano's with all four playing at once. Much of the fun was the extent of the fun that they took from playing these songs together for us.

During the concert they would show a live video of the challenge of them playing looking down on the keyboard, together along with singing the words. If they had just performed the songs rhythmically correct, without joying in the sounds, the fun the audience had would have been OK but not to the extent that others enjoyed. Without the zest of their feat brought to us hearers, but, due to the fun they had in performing these songs together brought joy & clapping, etc.

They took pride in accuracy, demonstrating the originators performance with even their own added innovations. The several hours raced by due to their contributions. If the original writers would have been present I am sure that they would have joyed in the many variations that they presented. The only thing missing was the gaudy clothes & glasses of Elton John. Ha!

Taking pride in our accomplishments no matter how simple or common our task may be, is an ingredient that has many times fallen by the way side. From the welcoming warmth of the clerk at the cash register to the chef at a fine restaurant to the sign spinner on the street. All of these and more bring a sparkle to life when they take pride & joy in their contribution.

Just day before yesterday while stopping by the Hanks Hardware store in Temecula, the way the clerk assisted us in a door hardware need. The pleasure that he took in finding just what we needed was impressive. Reminded me of the reason that the people of the Inland Empire drive from distant places to gain help in finding something that they otherwise may never be able to find.

We should each take joy in our ability to share the treasures that we have found in the Bible. In too many churches across our country we have lost that joy, of finding God's answers to our many needs that are hidden deep in His truths in our Bible. Whether it be a S.S. teacher, usher, speaker, pianist, sound tech, etc. take joy in your efforts of making the ministry of the word special, joy filled.

When we read, search, seek to find His joy that is hidden deep in the Bible, then all of the sudden it jumps out at us. What joy that we feel when the Spirit reveals this truth to us. You know, the one that you have wondered about for many readings, and then there He is ready to reveal it to us, the rich, sweet, joyous fruit that we needed just that day.

I can remember while milking the cows how they would find joy in being releaved of their milk, and gaining joy from eating the grain we would give them, then we would talk to them while milking them, pet them, call out their names, they walked away with a special tail swing, a head swipe against us , even an ear twitch that was noticeable when you took the time to recognize their presence. When we walked into the barn yard in dark O hundred they would moo with welcoming voices. They each had a special way that they called to us young kids.

Take joy my friend in the small tasks that you carry out each day, for they may be the most thoughtful, impacting thing that you share today with others in your life. Joy in the daily tasks that you share, making coffee, rinsing the dishes, buttering the toast, etc. etc. for the joy that we pass on may speak the most important message of the day. It is one of the most important needs of our day, others feeling cared for by the way we carry out that mundane task.

Each morning in the early morning I hear a neighboring dog yelp his special message to his master. It is a sound that reminds me of the special bond that they have for each other. The dog yelps out his joy at seeing his owner opening the door of his car, and walking around the sidewalk of his house.

It reminds me of the countless time that dad drove up to the house and we raced to the house from the front door of our car. No matter how many times we did that , each one was special. Even now those thoughts bring the reminder of my dads expression of excitment at seeing us boys ready to race him.

So Go With God He waits this morning as you read this verse, for His Spirit to remind you of the joy He feels as you stop to bask in His presence, in the spreading of His joy for you coming to be with Him. No matter what may be going on in your life, He is there joying in your visit with Him today.

brenda x
Aug 28, 2023

Tony the Tiger, "Gr-r-reat!"



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