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Happy Thursday to you. Bet you can’t guess why the vegetable called the plumber? Ok ok your right. It was because there was a “leek”, eek. Ha ha

Todays meditation is found in

Prov. 20:28 “Mercy and truth preserve the king, And by loving kindness he upholds his throne.”

Here in this passage Solomon lends us advice as to how in any venue (home, business, government) a balance of both mercy & truth are vital to longevity of leadership.

Mercy when a person mistakenly fails in his decision making (not to be confused with intentional unlawful conduct). Truth when we are determining the best course of action. In all times lovingkindness.

In our day it appears that truth is being confused with corruptive thinking. Unfortunately, when there is a failure of foundational dynamics, (the Bible) it causes truth to become almost an impossible outcome.

Example; I feel neglected, ignored, then I attempt to lash out to others who are weaker in my life. We have seen many examples of that in the past few years. School shootings, parade violence, knocking over others, etc.

It appears to me that much of these events are related to a constant pattern of failure of others expressing care & concern in our world.

Ask yourself when is the last time that I expressed concern for someone in my life, who isn’t part of my family. We can easily ignore those who are passing by us who are in need of an action of respect or compassion, or care.

As I look at the recent flooding victims in Kentucky the care & concern that is mutually expressed by others living in that area but yet not so as greatly affected is clearly evident.

Solomon is emphasizing to his sons the necessity of living by these two tenets: Mercy & Truth but in both a generous measure of lovingkindness.

So Go With God for He wisely ministers to us His lovingkindness even when we may have disregarded His truth. When we call out in repentance for Mercy from Him He will be quickly responsive to our call.

Lindsay Winterton
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