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It’s Friday and I was wondering if you know just why astronauts love you tube? I found out that it was because of the Comet section! Oh well, sorry for the dumb joke. When I was a young boy I always looked forward to reading the Sunday comics because they were in color. So much for the excitement of big city life. Ha!

This morning our meditation verse is found in Prov. 19:22 ”What is desired in a man is kindness (loving kindness), And a poor man is better than a liar.”

Our instruction is focused on two things:

1) Kindness based on genuine

love is the most enduring

quality attainable.

Jesus proved this to be true. Men were first drawn to Him not because He was God, but due to His kind acts that were borne out of love. Many times acts of kindness are based on pity, or hope for gain, or popularity, or well, you can name it. Our culture emphasizes outward appearance, but our Father reminds us that true lasting value is based on inner kindness.

2) Truthfulness (integrity) is a

quality that is enduring. In other words truth stands the test of time. Anyone can lie in order to get by with deceitful acts, but time bears out it’s falsehood.

The Bible is filled with people who placed value on lies, but time proved out their evil intention. Beginning with Satan and his lie to Eve. I am sure if you think about it you could list more of this type of evil that was spoken; to innocent people in the Bible. And I definitely am sure that you can remember people in your lifetime who have foisted a lie that has brought harm to the people you love.

So Go With God and care for others out of loving kindness, and uphold truth, and integrity. They will both stand the test of time, as well as bring value beyond this life for both you and others. The Father has borne out the evidence of this, through His loving kindness by sending His beloved son for the payment for our sin, in order for us to enjoy eternal life.



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