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Well you were all right. The tin can was invented for soldiers on the fighting line to have fresh food. At home the glass jar was being used but they weren't able to use them on the field, So the tin can was invented. Many soldiers would open the can with their field knife. Soon after being used on the field tin cans began to make their way into the home. Then soon behind that came the can opener.

On the lighter side, Why should we put peanut butter in the freeway? Well, of course because, It goes good with the traffic jam.

Tuesday 5/23

Prov. 30:29,30 "There are three things that walk with stately stride-no, four that strut about: the lion, king of animals, who won't turn aside for anything."

Today, we turn the corner from wise animals of God's creation in the animal world to those animals who demonstrate dignity & confidence. Several words are spoken of in these verses about the magnificence of God's creative works.

We begin with the mighty lion, who doesn't fear any of the animals, but rather struts about the land illustrating his power & majesty. His demeanor is unruffled by any other creature. His roar demands for the animal world escape or surrender, is the only thought on their minds, never turn on them for battle.

Agur is pointing out the qualities of aggression & confidence, expressed in the animal world. His first emphasis points tp the lions great speed.

When in college one of my roommates was from Africa, and he spoke often of the natural fear for the lion, from man & from the jungle animals. He told stories of the response of all of the animals in the jungle when the lion's roar was nearby. They would all run and hide, as quietly as possible, the thought of standing your ground was washed away from the loud roar of the lion.

Even the lion cubs would shake in the sound of the lions full indignant roar. Even the men who were hunting for meat for the tribe, would turn away from the lion, for they had learned the potential loss should they attempt to engage with the hungry lion, who was also on the hunt for his pride (lion family).

When the lions pride heard the roar of the male lion announcing his presence, the pride would be comforted by his presence. They knew he was alert & prepared to protect his family. This realization brought rest to his family. When he would roar, the young male cubs would join in unison with the king of the pride.

So Go With God for He truly is the king of the world. We can be confident in following in His path, for He promises to be near, to be alert to our needs, to hear our prayers of concerns & our desire for compassion.

Our enemies, Satan and the world, yes even our inner fears can fool us into forgetting the great power of our loving Father.

I remember as a boy in Missouri hearing immense thunder storms & lightening bolts and slowly finding my way into my parents room, and early on, literally into the foot of their bed for comfort. At first my brother Dan & I would huddle together, but as the sounds became closer & more intense, the limbs of the trees outside brushed against the house. That wasn't enough, then we crawled into their (our parents) room & ultimately into their bed.

Sometimes when we were all awake and the winds were intense, I can remember Dad singing the song "With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm". He then would pray asking God for His protection, then I can remember falling into a restful calm sleep.

Oh my dear one, rest in your realization that the God of all creation cares for your soul, and regardless of the seeming powerful forces at play in your life, "He Is The Victor". Rest in Him for NOTHING can pull you from His caring, powerful hand.

When your faith is tested go to YouTube and listen to when David Archuleta sang to the Tabernacle Choir "Be Stll My Soul". Rest in Him my dear one, for His spirit will carry you to rest both now & for eternity. I will never forget the calm assurance of His love for me that night of uncertianty in the hospital. His very presence of love & power was impossible to forget. I experienced total calm, release & an enveloping love like I never experienced before.

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton


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