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It's midweek Wednesday. Hey, Do you know which planet has the longest day? Is it Earth; Mercury; Venus or Pluto? If you guessed Venus you were right. So far we have had 243 earth days but Venus is just finishing its first axis rotation for the year. Imagine how young you would be by Venus's calendar.

Our meditation today is Prov. 21:30 "No human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the Lord."

Just think for a minute, what man sees as wisdom and how far it falls short. For instance, When bath tubs were first promoted, many renowned scientists warned of the harm that the bathtub would be to children. Today we would laugh is some scientist who would say that. Right???

However, that was considered wise science in that day. But, they just had not advanced that far yet. The same is true about other thoughts that are considered science today. They haven't advanced as far as God has. So when the Allmighty, All knowing, all Powerful. Creator God gives us insight into His mind,; though our human wisdom if weak & frail; when we follow His advice we join into His unlimited knowledge.

When we (mankind) argue, or fight with God we will always fail. So when we ignore or rebel against His instruction we will always end up in failure, due to our lack of knowledge.

True wisdom, understanding, or plans which are in conflict with our loving, wise all knowing Father will ultimately be proven wrong, and may even result in loss.

So Go With God and when He speaks in His Word the Bible, stand firm on it. For it is just a matter of time until His way will be proven right. We look about us and see people living according to their feelings, and present day "Think" rather than God's instruction and we can rest assured that this will bring harm to them.

Unfortunately, Satan our worlds god is convincing them to see his way as truth. We must instead, live consistent to God's truth & pray that others will notice the difference and ask about the source of our thinking. Rest assured time will prove out His way as the way of truth & life.

Lindsay Winterton
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