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Wednesday is a good day for reflection, we have last weeks lessons behind us & this weeks days yet before us.

Now, What do you think Abraham Lincoln’s favorite toys were? Well of course Lincoln Logs. Ha, ha

I was reminded of this by my grandchildren last night. They had dumped out the box of blocks, and for more than an hour were fashioning imaginative creations. From one year olds to fourteen year olds. What fun they and I had.

Our meditation for today comes from Prov. 20:15 “There is gold and a multitude of rubies, But the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.”

This proverb is reflecting on two things.

1) wealth is a blessing when

honestly gained

2) wisdom is the most desirable

gift to attain to

As we have learned from our study of Proverbs; Godly wisdom yields the richest treasures — length of days, riches, honor, pleasantness, peace, a meaningful relationships, and an inner joy.

In fact, one of the qualities that is spoken of, as imperative of Godly leadership is discernment.

Growing up, my Great grandfather, uncle Perry, Grandfather, and father all had one thing in common. They all began their new endeavor’s bathed in prayer.

They spoke often to each other, that this practice assured them that they based their decisions on Godly Wisdom & often rejoiced in the outcome.

Growing up around this daily consistency was a strong comfort to me as a boy. It wrapped comfort & confidence all around our lives as children in our homes.

My grandfather spent his last few years living in our home. I was sixteen and this time together was a strong testimony to me. My grandfather would always stop me on my way out the door to school to pour his prayers of blessing, encouragement, as well as asking for God’s wisdom, courage, for the day, etc.

I will never forget his arm around me, his assuring voice of a man who knew God in an intimate way, his confidence in Our Fathers care & love for us.

As I was heading off to college, his confirmation of trusting in the Lord being the most important quality necessary in my life.

So Go With God my dear brother or sister and He will guide you through tough times, uncertain times & even scary times. His strong confident assurance will be your constant companion. Just as the memory I have of my grandfather, He our Heavenly Father, rests His hand on your shoulder.



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