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Here's a trivia that parents of young children probably know the answer to. What London-based stuffed bear made his debut in the 70's? Was it Winnie the Pooh; Baloo; Paddington Bear; or Little Bear?

On the lighter side:

Do you know what state is know for its small beverages? Yep, you guessed it, Minne-sota. Oh, OK you had to be there for that line to be funny.


Psalm 5:4,5 O God, you take no pleasure in wickedness; you cannot tolerate the sins of the wicked. Therefore, the proud may not stand in your presence, for you hate all who do evil."

These verses (4-9) are a lesson in contrast. between wickedness and worship, as well as the attitudes of the righteous and the wicked. Then also God's responses toward these two groups. Now if you remember from our past lessons, wickedness are the acts of those who live in open rebellion against the Lord.

In these immediate verses (4,5) the writer reminds us of his attitude toward those who purposefully disobey and live in opposition to our God's ways. He is repulsed by it, and rejects their sins, in which verse 5 clarifies what these sins are; 1) a prideful stance, before Him and others 2) and a desire to commit evil practices.

These verses (4,5) reminds us that not only is God repulsed by wickedness, but He also finds no enjoyment or even a reason for humor in regards to these ways. Verse 5 uses the word proud; this word in Hebrew can also speak of a boastful individual. In this book (Psalms) the praise of God, its focus, however, when a person is determined to boast on his own accomplishments, this is a twisting of true praise.

Notice God's viewpoint of those people, "the proud may not stand in your presence". Not because their works are unimportant, or are beneficial to others, but because they are at the very core, evil.

Jesus in His lessons to the believers in Matthew 7:22,23 said. "Many will say (when I judged them) Lord, have we no prophesied in Your name, and driven out demons ... and done many miracles ...? And then I will declare to them publicly, I never knew you, Depart from me" We may ask "What was evil about these works?" Notice the message of this story, "I will declare to them publicly", the offense wasn't the works they had done, but rather the intent of what they did. The primary purpose was to bring public praise to themselves, rather than silently to bring praise to God.

Jesus attempted to drive this same lesson to us, in the story of the widow and her gracious giving of a measly mite (comparable to todays penny), was a focused on her spirit of silent thanksgiving and praise to God. Sometimes our focus may be directed on the results, accomplishments, or super- natural effect that was accomplished, but God's focus is directed to just what extent was our service directed to bringing praise to Him.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear saint, and make sure that those things we do are focused on the right intention. For as in the beginning of the verse "God takes no pleasure". Jesus reminds us that works directed at self glory are in His eyes evil.

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