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Can you guess, Which American author wrote the short story, "Rip Van Winkle"? Was it Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Washington Irving, or Nathaniel Hawthorne?


Ecclesiastes 12:13 "That's the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion:Fear God and obey His commands, for this is everyone's duty."

This is the author's final conclusion, the reverence, and fear of God as well as, our obedience to Him is the duty of everyone. He ends in recounting these two thoughts. Man and his limitations and God's supremacy. For God's will is good, and appropriate but it is also unchanging, as well as, not able to be improved in any way.

When the scripture speaks of fearing God, it doesn't mean terrified, but rather revering Him, and living in subservience to His ways, responding to His greatness and holiness, and trusting Him in all things. Gen. 22:12; Deut. 6:12,13; Psalm 40:3; and 115: 11 all amplify just how we should center our life daily.

This also refers to us the need for us to shun evil, and refuse to worship any others in our universe.

Jesus spoke of this sole purpose of life in the ways of man in Matt. 22:34-40. This being our whole and complete duty, To the extent that we live out these duty's will be the extent of our fulfillment in this life. Of all people to speak about this matter, Solomon was more than qualified to pass on these truths, for he had great wealth, influence, and power in his world, so his words also have great meaning.

As a young man I remember many men who had great influence in my life, and each of them stood as a strong message to the value and importance of these truths found here. Particularly my dad, Uncle Ray, Uncle Leonard, Mr. Crenshaw, Coach Thompson, as well as, a murad of other men who crossed the path of my life. All of them stood before me as amplifying these truths in my life.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear one for He alone is worthy of our confidence and trust, all else will fail. Tomorrow we will see just why this truth must remain supreme in our thinking.

Lindsay Winterton
Mar 06

Who knows? Not me!



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