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Well gues I got the problem fixed with help from Christy. What smart kids I am blessed with they must have got it from their Mom. By the way, What day is your mom always right? You got it; Every day.

The meditation for our day is found in Prov. 19:4 Wealth makes many “friends”, poverty drives them all away.”

Well it is true that wealth does make friends, the question is

”what kind of friends?” Prov. 14:20; 19:7 both reiterate that fact.

However, notice God’s response in Rom. 8:35-39. It begins with, “Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love?” The next verses emphasize “NO!”

Now this doesn’t describe how a faithful friend should behave, but how many friends do.

So Go With God and you will never be disappointed. If we always put our friendship with God first then all the friendships in our life will be enriched.



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