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Happy Wednesday my dear friends, Well you had many good guesses, and "Christmas City" is indeed found in the state of Pennsylvania. Way to go!!!

Finally Rockin Around the Christmas Tree became the number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 this year. After 65 years after it was first released. This made Brenda, Brenda Lee that is, the oldest artist to ever top the Hot 100 as well as set the record for the longest period of time between its release and top Hot 100 song acheivement.


Ecclesiastes 10:2 "A wise person chooses the right road; a fool takes the wrong one."

You may be asking just what does this mean? Well in order to make sense of this verse, we need to go back to the common inference of recognizing the right hand as being the place of honor, and strength. Usually the eldest son was placed in the household seating arrangement as directly on the father's right hand, while the second born son was placed on the left hand. This was an honor but was also an obligation. For instance when the father needed some duty to be filled, the right hand son was automatically expected to respond to this need, also should the family need to respond to a feat of

valour it was to be served by the eldest son.

Due to these two areas of responsibilities the eldest, right hand son was recognized as being best suited to making decisions that required wise deliberation. In fact upon the fathers passing on to heaven, the eldest son became the executor of the family estate.

I know in my years of life experience, due to my brother being born six years younger than myself, mine was the expected role to assist my dad when ever it was necessary. Later on, in my dads elderly years my brother faithfully, wisely carried out my duties since I was living on the west coast, and unable to carry these responsibilities. I must say that he was faithful in all of these duties, far better than I would have been capable of. Way to go Dan!!! I am so fortunate to have had my entire life a brother who together we have shared such a loving, challenging, strengthening relationship. I honestly have not experienced seeing any other brother to brother love in my many travels, and I am forever endebted to have such a special friendship. Thanks Dan.

In the Bible there were several places where the eldest son was given the responsibility in this very same manner. Can you think of some instances in your reading of the Bible? For instance, Solomon followed the kingship reign of Israel. Can you think of another such role? Why not tell us a special friendship you have experienced in your life. Then why not name one such instance from the Bible in your comment section? Help us better illustrate this thought.

I know in the real world, my mother had six brothers and she started out writing right handed, but they all would slug her on the right shoulder, and her arm was bruised so much of the time that she ended up writing left handed. (You know slug bug game, etc.) My mom told me at first that she hated this tendency of her brothers to pick on her, at first, but this ended up being her reward. Being the only girl she got new clothes while her brothers got hand me downs. When there was a hard chore to be assigned, she could beg off because she was a girl. Knowing my mom I'm sure she played that to her advantage, This ultimately caused her to become a great negotiator. Ha!

My grandfather owned a Mobile gas station, so mom was the book keeper, financier adviser, etc. while her brothers pumped the gas, worked on the car repairs, oil changes, etc. Later when the war broke out her brothers were called to contribute in the war effort, while she helped tend the business at home.

Fortunately they all returned home from the war alive, uninjured and that experience caused them to return with new direction for their lives. During that time according to my mother, my grandfathers spiritual life (praying, pleading with God for his sons safety) caused him to turn toward a spiritual hunger for God's assistance in his life, business, etc.. Mom shared just how that time period resulted in her dad's interest in spiritual things to increase and take on an entire new dimension.

SO GO WITH GOD for He desires to make us wiser, stronger, more focused in our future endeavors. He desires that we become wise in our ways, which will result in us being used in a greater way for ours and His glory.



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