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Happy Wednesday my church family. Yesterday‘s tragedy is a reminder of the deep spiritual needs prevalent in our nation, particularly in our young people world. This calls us to pray for the many struggles of our present age, and then reaching out in care & compassion to others.

Hey I wondered if you knew, What kind of music cows like to listen to? Well the word is out that, They like to dance to any kind of moosic you like. Well, I tried. Ha Ha!

Well, our meditation is found in Prov. 18:23 “The poor man uses entreaties, But the rich answers roughly.”

This passage has a comparative tone of the response between the rich & the poor.

The poor have learned that pleading (entreaty) for mercy brings more favorable solutions.

This term poor isn’t necessarily speaking to physical wealth of a person, but rather to the character of a person. It is actually speaking of the act of being humble. Other passages address this by saying, “poor in spirit”.

My mother drummed into my head various acts that communicate a humble spirit. Such as, when making a request by first asking please, or responding after receiving, by saying thank you. Raising my hand before speaking out, opening the door for another person before walking into a public place. All of these and more have proven to be beneficial in my life.

The rich person‘s response in the same way isn’t speaking of financial wealth, but rather to a misguided sense of importance, or arrogance. We see signs of this in our culture, of this prideful demeanor. I’m sure you can point out at least one way that this is evident in our day. Right?

Now let’s think for just a minute of how we can raise the banner of humility In our world. In my dads last years of cogent reasoning, he set out to compliment people in his life. Neighbors, family members, people at the store, etc. When I visited him this purposeful exercise lead to witnessing many people standing in line at the store, church, etc. to speak to him. It was kind of like your pet & their response to your words of praise. Tail wagging, rub up against you, set up against you, etc.

Tomorrow we will reflect on this thought more.

So Go With God and He will direct you to know those folks in your life that need encouragement and how you can be that person of hope for them.

Lindsay Winterton


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