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Happy Saturday one & all? So heres a question for you, How many U. S. States begin with the letter D? Is it 0; 1; 2; or 3; Take a guess and let us know what it is, more next week.

Saturday 4/15

Prov. 30:1 "The sayings of Agur son of Jakeh contain this message. I am weary, O God. I am weary and worn out O God."

Now lets go back & remember that the name Agur means "gatherer" and the Jews took seriously their given name, so Agur was taking the total wisdom that Solomon had spoken & taught to his people, and gathering/recording its total primary message. He was through the Spirit's illumination gathering the very truths of God and reaffirming the value of this to us, the reader.

So lets go back & look first at just who Agur was Jakeh's son, this is related to us. According to 1 Chron. 8 he was a descendant of Benjamin. Now this is important for our understanding, because if you remember; Benjamin was the most powerful tribe of all of the twelve tribes of Israel. Many times it was through this tribe, Benjamin, than Israel was delivered from mans evil desires.

Just for a little background, their tribe was the great warriors of this time, while David & Solomon's tribe were the great leaders.

Now with this background lets jump into this next chapter: the writer starts out by admitting that he & his tribe are worn out, are weak. Now, for a minute, STOP, have you ever felt this way? Have you ever thought, What can I say, that may have some importance with God's people? Look at all that Solomon has given to us, so what could I possibly add?

This is the writer informing us that these words aren't taken from his vast knowledge or experience, So they can only come from a mighty, all knowing God. Therefore, we should stop and take notice, for these words are directly from the mouth of God.

Now just think about this man's surroundings, he is writing this too us from a foreign land. He was a descendant of Ishmael (Gen. 25:14). He begins this writing, by stating just where all of these thoughts must come from, an infinitesimal, infinite God, for they are far beyond his understanding.

The thoughts here are that we must stop, look & listen to these writings for they are breathed to us through the Spirit, not of his ability, but from the very breathe of God, so, take heed, give all of these words, this book of Proverbs, time to sink into your thought process. For they are far beyond our ability to comprehend, unless we delve deep into what we are being told. Unless we strive to gain insights from our eternal God, we will miss the vital import. We will as he says, "We will be worn out", stop, rest, let its truths sink into our mind & soul.

So Go With God, then & only then will the eternal truth of this book begin to affect just how we think, live, act, etc. His words and way's are so far beyond even our ability to begin to fathom. We today are so action oriented, that we fail to lets Him soak into our lives. We pray, then we expect immediate action or we reason that we weren't heard. Right? Agur is striving to draw us into the spiritual realm, a place where the eternal is our focus, not the external.

Josh, sent me a song from a girl who had been to this place in her life, that we are talking about, she recorded this timeless truth in her song. I'll tell you more about this next week. But, this is where these words are coming from.

As we continue to delve into this chapter, stop, look, listen to everything around you. His voice is speaking, to you, He is at work in ways we cannot comprehend at the speed that we want to go. Only as we reflect on His words can we begin to be led in His ways. He is at work in our whole life. My covid experience began this in depth, process for me. When I came to that point where I was absolutely, totally dependent on Him & others that He directed around me, then my eyes were opened. I will never forget His voice, His eyes, as He graciously spoke to me. I can't describe it. It must have been much like Paul's life changing event.

Just talking to you about it this morning,, brings that peace, love, and joy only known to us frail humans when we enter into His presence.

My prayer is ... that I will never stop hearing His still quiet voice, the noisy world around us, can take control of our lives, can blare out with such power, that His gentle wooing, gets drowned out. But, He is there waiting for us to as Agur says, waiting for us to be "worn out", so that in our weakness, He can speak to us. We can look deep into our eyes & hearts, and then we can be guided by Him, but, it is only achieved in our times of quiet weakness, being worn out.

I have found those times most powerful, when the world is quiet, then, when its He & I alone, then He pours His loving words into me. He loves you my dear ones, more than any amount of words can say, He desires to pour into your life a small amount of His love, for we couldn't contain it all. I am convinced that He yearns for us to be that conduit of love to our world, Rest in Him today my dear one.

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Apr 16, 2023

I am guessing Delaware.



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