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Happy Monday, By the way; of the hymns you are most familiar with which one do you feel would be found in the top ten list of popular songs? Make your guess and we'll find out tomorrow who was right?

Hey by the way, Why is the Easter Bunny so lucky? Well of course its because he has four rabbiy's feet, Right???

Monday 3/27

Prov. 29:12 "If a ruler pays attention to liars, all his advisors will be wicked."

The thought being passed on here is: If a ruler, boss, leader just wants to be pampered, flattered, or told pleasing words, rather than advisors speaking the truth; then he will end up with "yes men".

You may ask, Why would that be? Simply because in any endeavor there is always bad news which should be followed by positive plans to correct the needed correction. If the leader only wants to hear positive words then there can't be corrective plans, which will result in harmful outcomes.

The consequence will be; that honest advisors who feel the necessity to recognize failure & then set forth plans to correct those problems. This will not be comfortable to just compliment the leader, even when big problems are ahead.

The ultimate outcome will be that those conscientious members will be forced to leave & of course those brought in will be required to lie about these problems. This outcome only leads to destruction & harm for all those being lead to by this evil leader.

In a nut shell; Corrupt leaders will naturally draw around hin corrupt people, which will only lead to full & complete destruction.

Now bear in mind that these were words that were directly intended for guidance to Solomon's sons; and when we study these sons as they move forward in establishing their kingdoms. Most of them failed to follow this guidance, which resulted in failure in their leadership. So you see we have evidence of the need for us to follow these warnings.

We must pay attention to the scriptures, even though it isn't comfortable, or pleasing. However, these truths are non the less right.

So Go With God for His ways are always as Phil. 4:8 says "... brethren, whatsoever things are true, ... are just ... are pure, are lovely, ... of good report, ... virtuous, ... of any praise, think on these things." As we focus on following in His ways, we will experience His blessings.

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Mar 27, 2023

I would say Amazing Grace, Holy Holy Holy, or How Great Thou Art. But my faves are Now I Belong To Jesus, Worthy (from our church hymnbook), I'd Rather Have Jesus, I Shall Know Him (by the nailprints in His hands), and Jesus Paid It All.



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