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Well your right it’s half way through the eeek, no week. Ha! More graduation factoids. Do you know why the square hat called “mortarboard” as in a masons carrying tool is the common hat Worn in a graduation? Originally the newly ordained clergyman (11th century) wore a skullcap, but as higher learning broadened to other types of learning,(14th century) the square cap took its place of precedence.

Well today our passage for meditation is found in

Prov. 19:14 “Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the LORD.”

This passage is focused on both parts of a happy, productive, fulfilled home.

The family and its (fear) respect for the Lord, past & present, reaches into the wife and her ultimate dependence on the Lord.

Both of the family’s may work hard; the husband’s parents, and the wife’s family, but without the Lord’s blessing they may not experience God’s success & happiness.

We have all seen marriages who have risen to wealth, and prominence, but are unhappy non the less. Neither success nor shear effort can promise fulfillment.

The reminder left for us to consider is this; honor to the Lord is the key to a happy home. When both husband & wife yearn to honor God, then selfishness, impatience, greed, and all other forms of fleshliness fade away. Then a true fulfilling contentment and success flow into the home.

So Go With God and your desire for fellowship with The Father will result in abiding blessing. His will when given complete control in the home will flow into all areas of

there lives, and the outcome will be a rich and abiding completeness.


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