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Here's a great answer to some unclear facts. Where did the Mayflower land first? Was it on Nantucket; Long Island; Cape Cod; Or Salem? Make your guess, and well learn the historically correct answer tomorrow.

Saturday 3/4

Prov. 28:20 "The trustworthy person will get a rich reward, but a person who wants quick riches will get into trouble."

This verse isn't meant to criticize wealth, but rather, to see clearly which quality of character that we should greatly value. The focus of the microscope is narrowed to a character quality that should be given great importance in our lives.

It is written to contrast between those people who are willing to sacrifice everything to become wealthy (is called a get rich quick scheme) compared to the person who faithfully provides a needed service to his constituency over many years and as a result gains much respect & wealth.

You say, just how did I come to that conclusion? My answer is, look at the primary focus of the verse. Is it focused on getting rich, or is it focused on the character quality and its achievement?

Right; it is focused on the quality of character of the person. It is intended to focus on two differing qualities:

The person who is dependable, trustworthy, faithful - to responsibly provide a service

The person who only cares about his achievement - get rich at any cost

Is that a fair assessment?

The faithful person has obtained his wealth as a result of his being worthy of others trust.

The other person has no concern of limits on how he gains wealth only on the speed of gaining it

Let's call him "Trusty", has set his requirements on remaining faithful to his purpose in life, serve others.

Let's call him "Richy", has as his only goal, personal gain.

Now, remembering that this is an instruction manual for Solomon's sons, in how to rule their kingdoms, and also an instruction manual on how we are to place value on fulfilling our life purpose.

The next question is, Which person is most valuable, influential in living his life; Trusty or Richy?

So going back to our life mission; Col. 3:17 "And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus"

Which person is thinking about this focus; Trusty vs Richy.

One more thought, Which person will have the greatest, most beneficial influence on his world?

So as a result of this meditation, may I ask you one more question? OK, Thank you for your indulgence.

Can you imagine a world where every person conducts his life, whether in business, parenting, neighboring, ministering, etc. with these qualities?

Wow, as Louis Armstrong sang, What a wonderful world it would be.

So Go With God my dear one can you see just what your faithful walk will result in through your life. Why not, beginning today, keep your focus on living to exemplify being trust worthy, diligent, faithful, to our mission of representing Christ to a godless world. I can promise you this. If you are committed to this mission, You will have no regrets, and you will be welcomed into eternity, by the words, "Well Done."

We can see the difference lived out by just comparing Saul & David and their reign as kings of Israel.

Saul reign was broken up because of his failure to follow after God.

While David, though he had his failures, He followed after God to the extent that he was called "A man

after God's heart". He united a divided nation, brought peace & power to that nation, brought the

nations influence to its world to a historical proportion. Hey, not bad, Huh?

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