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My dear brothers and sisters please uphold Chris as he travels to San Diego for a strategy meeting with his doctor. Pray for him first as it is a painful time to travel, second for wisdom for doctors and Chris as this is a serious life altering decision. In our study today we are looking at the example of three men in the Bible that Our Lord left for us to learn from. Joseph, Daniel, and Mordecai each of these men lived out these practical earthly values which influenced their nation, local communities and families. The second value they held onto was Loyalty to their leaders, in each case it was loyalty to their boss, or a leader over them but most importantly to God. In Joseph’s life it was faithfulness to purity (the refusal to commit adultery with Potiphar’s wife) (Gen. 39:8) In Daniel it was interpreting the dream of his king accurately & faithfully (Dan. 2:25) In Mordecai’s life it was speaking up to the king through Esther of the evil plan of the kings personal guards to kill him. (Esther 2:22).

Each of these men lived out loyalty & courage to their civil leader when ignoring the circumstances; would have been much easier, but they each chose loyalty to man & God. Ultimately the leaders were made aware of their courage and their commitment to God and we’re rewarded. In Joseph’s case we see his values as spoken of in Gen. 29:9 “How could I do such a wicked thing? It would be a great sin against God” Though it was commonly seen as obedience to his master’s wife in that days thinking but to God and the husband it was an evil intrusion upon that righteousness bond of marriage and trust.

It is important that we always look at the affairs of this life from heaven looking down not earth looking out because that outlook brings about corruption of our fellowship with God and our character before others & God. To keep the upward look requires a daily reading of God’s word and a constant fellowship with God the ruler of all things. Go with God my dear ones you will never be filled with regret.

Shirley McMahan


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