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Friday 10/7

So, now for the age old question. Why did the mouse get caught by the cat? It bit off more cheese than it could handle. I know that was a bit

Cheesy. Ohohoh

Prov. 22:9 "Don't waste your breath on fools, for they will despise the wisest advice."

This verse isn't saying not to share advice, but instead is saying, don't continue to pass on advice to those people who insist on arguing.

To share ideas & insights is always beneficial, however, when the tone becomes argumentative that is the warning bell to halt conversation. Change the subject, etc.

We used to call them "know it alls" but

that would be considered offensive speech today. I have noticed that many in life have succumbed to an offensive stanch much life wrestling, rather than a conversational volley of thoughts & ideas.

If you don't believe that; just look at colleges today. Since when has it become acceptable to argue (not discuss) & even attempt to silence a professor who has studied his field of study for decades? Or tell him what exercises are necessary for its mastery?

I fear that this sort of healthy debate has become pasee, that rather than look at and discuss varied approaches to real problems today hard & fast positions are taken. Then no possibility for further discussion & alternative thinking is allowed.

I especially am uphalled that the wisdom of thousands of years has so glibly been thrown aside as though present thought is always superior.

For just one example, Evolution, we all know this is a recent form of thought. However, it is the only side of discussion in our government funded schools. The total scientific study of Intelligent Design has not been allowed any standing. Hours of discussion in favor of the evolutionary process is welcome on any campus, however, any alternative discussion is spoken of as offensive, foolish, or unintelligent.

This thought process is the very thing that we are warned of here "despise the wisest advice."

So Go With God His instructions will always bring benefit to our lives. Though intolerance has become the common thread throughout our culture. Our Gracious Heavenly Father is always ready & willing to entertain our discussions. The Bible is

filled with the presentation of truth from all the varying angles of mankind for thousands of years. Take the time to discuss your ideas with the Father He will guide your thinking from intolerance to open discussion.



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