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Pastor’s Corner

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Good morning and for sure it is good as it is the day our Lord has given us.

Now, The third benefit of setting goals is that they bring hopefulness to our lives. Just think we can go without food for many days and water for about three days, air for several minute, but take it from me we must have hope. Life has its tough times, losses, accidents, etc. none of us know what visitor may pass our path, but if we have purpose they will get us through them.

Job recognized this importance in Job 6:10-13 “At least I can take comfort in this: Despite the pain, I have not denied the words of the Holy One. But I don’t have the strength to endure. I have nothing to live for. ... No, I am utterly helpless, without any chance of success.” (without any purpose)

In other words we need hope for the future. You see it is goals that keep us moving when we face the struggles in life. You see we need goals and our encouragement passed onto others in our lives, that hopefulness may be the most important work for this 2022. Let‘s not be as Jobs friends and their failure of seeking to determine guilt rather than looking forward to the reason for hope, & purpose for the future. I for one have great confidence in God and His promises for our coming days. As the past saying “Keep the faith Baby”



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