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Pastor’s Corner

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It’s another great day today be sure to keep your eyes & ears open for The Father’s instruction‘s today. By the way, What sits in the corner all day but somehow still travels the world? Can you guess what that may be? Your right, a stamp. Well you may think that wasn’t very punny.

Today’s meditation is found in Prov. 18:12 “Haughtiness goes before destruction; humility precedes honor.”

The Hebrew word for haughty usually is thought to be negative as in the case of this verse. However, it can be a positive quality as in 2 Chronicles 17:6 where Judah’s King Jehoshaphat was so haughty for God’s ways that he destroyed all the idols & shrines that had been raised to worship the god’s of Baal.

The second part of this verse reminds us that humility is the pathway to honor. So, haughtiness & pride lead to destruction and a fall. However, humility leads to honor. We see that lived out in King Jehoshaphat’s earlier example.

So Go With God and His ways; commit your pride & praise in Him and He will bring honor to your life. Then that in turn will bring an abundance of blessings to you and all those who have surrounded you in life.



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