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I was reminded of two people in my youth Coach & Betty Thompson my high school head coach and his wife who worked with us at church youth group, Betty passed away just last week at 91.

They were both faithful in their words both at work & at church.

Our verses today point out the influence of words in others lives.

Wicked Man’s Words

Vs 13 bring a trap to him & others

Vs 15 always think their right even when proven wrong

Vs 16 sows anger to everyone

Vs 17 intentionally lies to others

Vs 18 always insulting with words

Vs 19 covers up lies he tells

Vs 20 plots evil with words

Godly Man’s Words

Vs 13 brings freedom to others

Vs 14 always brings benefits

Vs 15 values others words & life

Vs 16 is calm even when insulted

Vs 17 truthful to a fault

Vs 18 brings healing & comfort

Vs 19 stands the test of time

Vs 20 are always planting peace

What a comparison; you can see why God states the promise of a

Vs 21 “No harm comes to the godly, but the wicked have their fill of trouble.”

So Go With God and He will bring a powerful working in the lives of

those around you.

Feb 25, 2022

Sorry to hear. Prayers.



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