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Good Saturday it’s that day that we all try to catch up. Do you know, Why Beethoven gave away his chickens? Good guess, It was because they kept saying: Bach, Bach, Bach…

Well our meditation verse for today is found in Prov. 20:12 “Ears to hear and eyes too see-both are gifts from the Lord.”

Have you ever had your mother ask you, Why do you think you have two ears & one mouth. Well I must admit that I had that question asked of me more than one time. Ha, ha, ha. After I turned about five, the word WHY became most prominent word in my vocabulary.

Fortunately, this verse is focused on our hearing & eyes and they both involve two differing senses.

Both is these senses can help us if we’re perceptive to gain wisdom in knowing God’s laws.

Psa. 40:6 hearing

Psa. 119:18 eyes

Both are physical means to getting our Father’s guidance, for life. One other obvious fact is that God also has those same abilities.

Psa. 94:9 reminds us of that fact.

So Go With God and to the extent that you discern His instructions, you will gain His eternal insights. God is quite the conversationalist if we will only listen to His words primarily directed through our eyes, (reading) we will hear His words of comfort, encouragement, blessing, guidance, etc. So be listening to His words.

Congratulations goes out to my niece Amy & John as they got married this past week. May our Father’s blessings rest on you both as you begin this wonderful Holy Journey. We all pray for His presence in your ongoing wonderful lives.



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