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Happy Friday we have waged our way through to another week end and time together in fellowship.

Our meditation is found in Prov. 14:14,15 Backsliders get what they deserve; good people receive their reward. Only simpletons believe everything they are told! The prudent carefully consider their steps.

This term “backsliders” is a term that was used often by the prophets in Isaiah twice, Jeremiah used it 9 times, while Hosea spoke of it 2 other times.

In this passage and the others he was categorized as fool, wicked, and disobedient, and was contrasted with the godly wise. He was spoken of as the person who was exposed to truth but became enamered by false teachings.

That is why the 15th verse goes

on to describe the difference between the backslider & the prudent.

Later on in Acts 17:11 Paul compares the people of Thessalonica with the Bereans and says that the Bereans were more noble, or prudent. You may ask why?

The difference was that the Berean’s searched the scripture for whether Paul’s words were true. In other words we are to search the scriptures so that the way we think, the direction we walk is always guided by the truth of the Bible.

If we fail in this, we will fail (period).

So Go With God and His words and we will then be wise (noble) in our ways. Always check out those who lift their message up as new and improved make sure they are consistent with His voice. Don’t be enamored by the Wow factor rather be affirmed by the Truth factor.
Lakeside Baptist Church
Shirley McMahan


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