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It’s Friday a day that the working person looks forward too due to potential rest or relaxation that’s in store. I was wondering if you knew what kind of car that a chicken has? Yes it’s A coop.

Our meditation for today is found in

Prov. 16:10 “The king speaks with divine wisdom, he must never judge unfairly.”

This section of Proverbs (16:10-15) was directed to those in any sort of influence but particularly royalty.

This verse is divided into two thoughts:

1) A leader is to lead with godly

wisdom What is that talking


In Deut. 17:14-20 God gave

instructions for any king &

that is what He is referring to


Vs. 15 choose a man as king

who God chooses

Vs. 16 don’t put trust in any

war implements (horses, etc,)

Vs. 17 don’t take many

wives, or collect

precious metals

Vs. 18-20 personally copy

these instructions &

read them daily, with

the purpose of

remaining humble

before God

By the way these were

upheld by our first US

presidents (must lead by

godly examples, be a citizen

be married to a gracious

woman, not be greedy, fear

God, humble)

2) Alway judge fairly (God detests

intentional fraud (unfairness)

Look at

Lev. 19:35; Deut. 25:13-16;

Ezek. 45:20; Amos 8:5;

Mic. 6:10; Prov. 11:1; 16:11;


Though man may not continue to follow this today, the standard still remains by God for those who lead.

So Go With God strive to uphold these desires in your life & He will bring honor to Himself & your life as well.

Shirley McMahan
Shirley McMahan
Shirley McMahan
Mar 25, 2022

Your morning messages have become a part of my morning prayer time, always gives me something to think about.😌



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