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Monday 9/26

Can you guess what a boxers favorite drink is? Well, it's fruit punch! They say it gives quite a wack. Haha

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 22:16 "A person who gets ahead by oppressing the poor or by showering gifts on the rich will end in poverty."

This verse is focusing on two opposite approaches to gaining success and one ultimate outcome.

First approach to success:

Oppressing people they are given

oversight over.

The basic conclusion is that this

not only doesn't end in success

but it in fact, ends in extreme


1) We see this borne out in the

working world. A boss under

pays his workers and then

losses valuable employees, as

well as valuable customers.

2) We also see it in the world

of matrimony. A spouse is

selfish & uncaring, then ends

in turmoil, heartache, a

loveless relationship, or even

worse divorce.

3) We see this also in the

world of leadership. The king,

president or other form of

leadership is condescending,

uncaring, oh, he may

temporarily succeed but in

the end will come to loss.

4) Maybe you can think of

another area that you have

witnessed, Why not

comment to this, whether in

your own personal life or

others. _____________________

The second focus is trying to

impress or influence a person of


1) This results in failure

potentially for many reasons.

Maybe, our extravagant gift is

seen as just ordinary to them,

or it only causes them to expect

more that we are unable to

repeat. Either way it brings the

same result, failure.

The lesson that Solomon is striving

to drive home is that; our

investments should be toward

those who are faithful, honorable,

and hard working but need a small

form of assistance.

True satisfaction in life comes from

investing in others lives. Affirming

their efforts, especially with no

intention for any repayment.

Placing value in the lives of people

who are striving after a vision,

in ministry, or in their family, or in

business. Celebrating success is a

valuable gift that keeps on giving.

So Go With God for He will faithfully

invest in your efforts. He will also affirm your generosity to others. But most of all your selfless service will bring blessing to you & honor to Him in your world. Oh, as George Shea sang his whole life, "The love of God is measureless." He always pays dividends to His children when they give with thankful, loving hearts.



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