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Well I should have learned but I kept writing on this post until the post went away. I was writing elequantly on the verse too. So I'll condense this one due to this lesson.

WELL, you were all right. the first phone book didn't have phone numbers.

On the light side; Why was the bee sad? Well of course it was because it got a C in spelling. Ha! ha

Friday 8/18

Eccl. 3:6b "A time to keep and a time to throw away."

Well, I have nothing to say about the last part of this verse "throwing away."

I have the hardest time doing that, though I am excellent in the first part "keeping". Everytime we have moved I am surrounded with things that I have held onto unfortunately for too long.

My son Joshua is an expert in this task. He quickly removes things when they provide no lang lasting value. But, I struggle with this, I guess due to my grandfather & father, I believe it is inborn. They held onto many things which were thrown away & in time they became very valuable.

My grandfather collected steam engines, I know you have no idea of what these are but, in short they were wood burning steam powered tractors. Before John Deere invented gas operated tractors. They were about the size of a locomotive train, but steam powered. Anyway, back to the lesson.

Solomon was reminding us that just like the junk that gets easily collected (piled) around s our house, it also has an expiration date. A time when it has no redeemable value.

Most housewives are familiar with this pattern, you know stash something in the closet, garage, etc. then as needed clean up, give away, throw away, those things no longer beneficial.

I refuse to go where I went before & the spaces timed out. I could say many things, but I will shirk off this urging.

So Go With God for He is aware of the physical things in our life & their value. People are the importance of life, not things. We can easily hold onto things & forget the eternal essence of life. Its people who are the lasting party of life. For they are eternal. We must constantly remember, "People need the Lord"

If you have time listen to Steve Greene & his song "People need the Lord". We need to shake ourselves out of the tendency to make too great an importance on things. Its all about people. Walk with the Father daily & He will assist us in this endeavor.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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