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Well believe it or not we made it to Saturday. In answer to our


This question had a piercing reality. Ha! What we found was that mosquito's have NO, 0 teeth, rather they use their long straw like mouthparts to pierce our skin in order to suck out our blood.

Here's another deep piercing question to ponder on those long sleepless nights. I know that you have been kept up nights thinking about this question. What does the "E." stand for in Chuck E. Cheese? Does it stand for Edgar, Exquisite, Entertainment, or absolutely nothing, its just a meaningless initial? Make your guess my sleepless friend.


Ecclesiastes 9:18 "Better to have wisdom than weapons of war, but one sinner can destroy much that is good."

Now if you remember these verses 16-18 are what I call a reminder of a good ole Baseball term, "Better, Batter". This term is used to remind batters to always use the wisdom of surprise. Even if the batter is capable of slugging the ball out of the park, he should use his skills to shake up the opposing team with a bunt, or require the pitcher to pitch in his strike zone. Anyway, sorry about that bunny trail.

Verse 16 reminds us that using our wisdom is always better than using our strength

Verse 17 guides us to know that it is better to listen for soft wise words rather than a yelling fool

Verse 18 calls us to remember that powerful weapons are no match for wise intrigue

Now, Solomon is reminding Israel and us as well, to place greater confidence in God and His wisdom than powerful weapons or mighty armies.

2 Samuel 20:14-22 is a perfect example of this. Here Sheba a mighty warrior from the tribe of Benjamin decided to gather an army of mighty men and revolt against king David. So king David sent Abishai and Joab and Israel's army to capture this man Sheba and defeat his army. Sheba was a ruthless man he even gutted a cousin of his men walked away without even covering the dead relative up.

After this brutal action he continued in gathering an army of men to fight against David's army. Upon a slight defeat Sheba decided to retreat into the city of Abel-beth-maacah which was honored as a place of Israel's beginnings.

Joab chased Sheba and his army into the city and began to take siege (surround the city) . A wise servant girl called for Joab to not destroy the city or people in it. She was a simple servant girl, but she was wise. We don't even know her name but she had the wisdom to ask what Joab wanted and he told her Sheba. So she promised to find him, behead him, and throw his head over the wall as proof of his death. Upon this action Joab retreated from the city and went back to their homes.

The city people returned to their peaceful lives, all because of the simple girls wisdom. All the weapons, powerful armies experienced peace dut to the girls powerful use of a question. What wisdom we gain from this event in Israel's history.

The evidence was that, a simple servant girl who requested to know what Joab wanted and the honorable response resulted in the settling of a war and the destruction of a whole city and its citizens. WISDOM!!! Tomorrow we will look at the second phrase of this verse for enlightenment in this lesson.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear ones, for He can guide us to wisdom beyond our own ability, and bring blessing and solutions to the challenges of our day.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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