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From Pastor Ben


Can you guess: What vegetable grows fast enough that if we pause to listen we can hear it? Why not make a guess? Is it  Bush beans, Rhubarb,     Radishes,  or Carrots. It's one of these. You all guessed the right answer last time. Way to go!!!


Ecclesiastes 6:4-6 "His birth would have been meaningless, and he would have ended in darkness. He wouldn’t even have had a name, 5 and he would never have seen the sun or known of its existence. Yet he would have had more peace than in growing up to be an unhappy man. 6 He might live a thousand years twice over but still not find contentment. And since he must die like everyone else—well, what’s the use? "

This verse is following through on a continuing theme of the person who achieves great things, but doesn't get a handle on the most necessary element of life which is enjoying successes and experiencing satisfaction in his life.

Solomon's conclusion was this, long life without knowing and communing with our Father God and without the discovery of just how to enjoy life is frustrating and ultimately useless.

Here we are reminded of some of the things that matter. We are to be living in such a way that we are contributing to others with such benefit that it results in their sorrow at our leaving this world. As we reflect back on the accomplishments of our life, we should never see chronic failure to fellowship with our Heavenly Father. Our proper constant relationship with God will naturally result in our focus being directed to others. 

In the present "Me-istic society" (focusing on how we are seen by others), this prevalent mentality can otherwise cause us to fall into the "all about me" thought process. Unfortunately, this frame of thinking results in our interest being more attentive to ourselves rather than on others. According to Solomon, satisfaction and contentment are based on a proper walk with God and an emphasis on bringing benefit to other people's lives. Come to think of it, it is no wonder our world is so malcontented, dissatisfied, and selfish. The focus is not on God or others but based on "me-ism."

Have you noticed when the Spirit moves in your heart and mind that your thinking is generally related to your thoughts about other people around you rather than yourself?

So Go With God, for then we will find true fulfillment, satisfaction and completion in life. Our days will naturally be filled with joy and satisfaction as we turn away from our narcissistic tendencies to serve our true and faithful God, the wellspring source of all love for mankind.  

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Lindsay Winterton
Oct 12, 2023




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